Ted DiBiase on his son’s future, WWE’s performance center, and more

Jan 6, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

A few tidbits from an interview “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase did with newsday.com promoting his appearance on tonight’s Old School Raw.

* DiBiase said the way Ted Jr. departed “left the door open” for a return, but right now his son is happy and has so many projects going on he wouldn’t have time to list all of them.

* DiBiase complimented WWE’s new Performance Center in Orlando, Fla, as a way to develop talent, but adds, “The availability to learn the trade the way that we learned, it doesn’t exist anymore… They’ve got to do the best they can.”

* On joining WWF’s roster: “By the time Vince McMahon called upon me to become this character, the Million Dollar Man, I had already been wrestling for 12 years,” DiBiase explained of the pro wrestling model of different regional territories throughout the country. “I had been to New York once in ’79 for about nine months. But the way I carried myself as a heel, as a bad guy in our industry, is why Vince chose me, because he already knew as a heel character, I came across as very aloof. I always talked down to the fans and down to the people, and so this Million Dollar Man character… I was already by the very nature of the way I carried myself as a heel already, he just created in me a character.”

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