1/5 WWE Live in Fairfax, Va. Results

Jan 5, 2014 - by staff

From PWInsider.com:

WWE in Fairfax, 1/5/13

The Usos vs Rowan & Harper of the Wyatt Family.  The heels attack from underneath the ring while the lights are blacked out. Usos with the win after rolling up Harper after he missed a big boot.

NXT Non-Title Match, Champion Bo Dallas vs R-Truth starts with good mic work from Dallas and ends with Truth pinning the NXT Champ.

The Primetime Players vs Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre of 3MB. Young pins Mahal after a gutbuster slam.

Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs The Miz. Great back and forth match that sees The Miz force Fandango to tap to the figure four leg lock.

AJ Lee & Tamina vs Natalya & Emma. Natalya forces AJ to tap to the sharpshooter.

Inside a steel cage, Bray Wyatt vs the newest member of The Wyatt Family, Daniel Bryan. Bryan is dressed in a blue jumpsuit to fit in with the family.

Wyatt explains to the crowd that he will teach Bryan a lesson and show him who his true master is. Lots if chants of ‘YES’ to try and break Bryan of The Wyatt’s spell. And after trying to escape the cage, Harper slams the cage door on Bryan’s head leading to Wyatt hitting Sister Abigail for the pin. Bryan leaves with The Wyatt’s after shaking Bray’s hand.

Justin Gabriel vs Bad News Barrett starts off with Barrett bad mouthing everything in sight. However, Bad News picks up the win after catching Gabriel with a forearm as he was coming off the top rope.

Intercontinental Title Match, Champion Big E Langston vs Damien Sandow. Langston drops the straps and hits the Big Ending to beat Sandow and retain.

CM Punk vs The Shield in a 3-1 handicap match ends with a GTS On Rollins to send everyone home happy.

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