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Jan 4, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 750 that will be aired in Louisville on 1/4 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/750

OUR OVW Announce Team again this week is Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey as “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus is apparently still “missing in action”. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer.

“The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” Timmy Danger and “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony come out. Danger’s important thing to say this week is that he is tired of seeing the conspiracy in OVW! Last week, his “monster” Anthony took out OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia, leaving him laid out in the ring and foaming at the mouth but somehow Jamin is still the champ (because OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe reversed Anthony’s submission win after he refused to relinquish the Crimson Omen/full nelson on Jamin). Danger says it was ridiculous, adding since Jamin claims to be a stand-up guy and a great champion, he should come out here at once and hand the title belt over to Anthony! Danger then calls Jamin a “paper champion” and a “coward” before Dean interrupts him to inform him that due to Anthony’s actions, Jamin was not cleared by his doctors to be here this week. Dean goes on to call Anthony a “serial killer” but also points out that James “Moose” Thomas and “Smooth” Johnny Spade aligned themselves with Danger only to see their careers ended, so “idiot” Danger will end Anthony’s career as well. Danger says the only career that is getting ended is Jamin’s and he will find a way to motivate Jamin. The two leave as Dean wishes he had a button to push that would open a trap door so the two would drop down to the depths of (?).

The Marauders (Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, & Clint Poe) come out sans the Masked Marauder. Jonze says that they are out here on Very Important Marauder Business as one unfortunate soul decided to make Marauders’ business his business. Jonze reminds us that they are not done with Flash Flanagan but they need to deal with OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash Frank Miller (I thought Danny Davis eliminated that position after Michael Hayes gave it up), who has stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. Jonze says TPT made a grave mistake and it’s time for the Marauders to take out the trash, so he calls out TPT who appears through the curtain. Jonze suggests if TPT knows what’s good for him, he’d stay in the back! TPT responds that he retired as a wrestler in March of 2013 and now he runs OVW. Jonze wants him in the ring, saying that if he messes with one Marauder, he messes with all of them! Masked Marauder runs out and attacks TPT then throws him into the ring for some 5 on 1 action. This only lasts a few seconds until Flash hits the ring with a plain kendo stick and splinters it by using it on all of the Marauders, who make a hasty retreat. Flash says he has had time to think. He says 5 on 1 is a no-win situation and he and TPT don’t have to be friends but he asks the crowd if they want to see Flash & Trash as a team one more time. The crowd approves as TPT says that although he had his retirement match against Flash, who he called “the toughest SOB he’s been in the ring with”, and he has since devoted himself to running things around here, he and Flash go back over 20 years, so he is OK with doing this one more time! They will take on all five Marauders at the 1/4 Saturday Night Special!

Match #1: “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley vs “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe
Bradley brings out a bullrope with a noose on it but doesn’t have a tree handy so ref Sharpe is probably safe. Howe hits the ring running and makes Bradley miss a big boot, getting his leg hung on the top rope. Howe dropkicks him out to the floor but he scrambles back in to catch Howe coming off the corner and shove him backwards. Howe throws some elbows and stuff before Bradley chucks him through the ropes. Bradley beats on Howe before throwing him into the ring boards. Back in, Bradley gives Howe a big boot but Howe comes off the ropes with a Thesz press until Bradley flips him through the ropes and back to the floor. Howe gets back to his feet but Bradley blocks him into the “solid oak” (according to Gilbert) ring boards. Howe fights back and DDTs Bradley on the apron but back in the ring, Bradley counters with a belly to belly suplex before dropping elbows. Bradley tries one too many of these as he misses and Howe dropkicks him. Bradley sort of powerbombs Howe into the corner but Howe stays on his feet and bulldogs him. Bradley rolls out and Howe dives through the ropes after him. Bradley grabs a chair but Sharpe spots him, so he drops it and instead runs over to grab the bullrope. Howe picks up the chair and they stand off in the ring as Sharpe calls for the bell (double DQ maybe?).
Sharpe tries to take the chair but Bradley jumps Howe from behind with the rope. OVW Security comes out to pull them apart as we go to break.

Back from break, there is pulling apart and re-attacking going on between Bradley and Howe. Bradley gets in a clean shot with the rope, puts the noose around Howe’s neck, and starts to pull. OVW Official Josh Ashcraft joins Sharpe making Bradley let go. Howe takes the mic and challenges Bradley to a street fight at Saturday Night Special!

OUR OVW Ladies Champion The Body Guy comes out looking happier than he has been recently. He says it’s an honor to be here defending this prestigious title tonight. He adds that his manservant Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus has found an opponent for him, so Melvin will get the night off. The opponent comes out and it’s “Melvina”, who is in a purple and black striped dress with a lime green purse and matching headband. Dean and Gilbert are having a good laugh at this. I guess Jethrine Bodine wasn’t available. Body Guy warmly welcomes “Melvina” to OVW.

Match #2: Body Guy vs “Melvina”
Ashcraft is the official in charge of this ladies title match. Body Guy does the Robe Removal Ritual and lies down. “Melvina” covers him and Ashcraft slowly counts one but some music hits and IT’S THE ASSASSIN!!!! Body Guy and “Melvina” embrace in fear before Assassin lays out “Melvina” with a clothesline and Ashcraft calls for the bell! Assassin stares at Body Guy, who then confronts him. Body Guy says Assassin has bothered him since he got to OVW and ruined his life. Body Guy then asks Assassin what he wants. Assassin points at the belt, so Body Guy agrees to put up the title at Saturday Night Special! Gilbert is puzzled as to why Assassin would want the ladies title.

Back from break, Dean and Gilbert are still laughing about Body Guy and “Melvina”. Gilbert introduces a clip from an OVW live event that took place 12/28 in Elizabethtown, KY. The match (which was set up on last week’s show) had The Mobile Homer Bookies (Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) (w/Brittany Devore) defending the OVW Tag Team Championship against Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez. An added stipulation was that if Hayes and Vaez lost, they had to split up. The clip starts with Hayes getting an “Athlete of the Year” award from a sponsor before showing clips from the match, which was officiated by Jordan Barker. Gilbert voices over what amounts to an extended highlight reel including Brittany distracting Barker so that McNaler could hit Hayes with their cash box (more like a large briefcase) but can only get a two count. Homers are unable to complete their “Double Wide” (legsweep and spear combo) on Hayes, resulting in Hayes jaw jacking Revolver followed by Vaez giving him a neckbreaker for the pin to regain the titles! There was much rejoicing in Elizabethtown that night!

Danger and Anthony come back out. Danger says he called out Jamin Olivencia earlier but he hasn’t shown up, so perhaps he needs a little motivation. Danger says that nobody in the back likes Jamin but there is someone back there who likes to leech off people (and he knows this firsthand) and is stepping up tonight.

Match #3: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond
Danger says Anthony will motivate Jamin and teach “Marty Janetty” (Diamond) a lesson! Diamond ducks and moves to start, even slipping away when Anthony grabs him. Diamond throws some elbows but Danger trips him as he comes off the ropes. Anthony gives him a belly to belly suplex, slams him, and then drags him by the neck to center ring where he drops a knee. Anthony misses a pair of elbow drops and Diamond boots him before hitting a springboard elbow. Diamond splashes Anthony twice but gets swatted away on the third and Anthony locks in the Crimson Omen. Ref Ashcraft calls for the bell.
Danger calls out Jamin again then tells Anthony to lock up Diamond again. Security comes out as we go to break.

Back from break, Anthony fights off security as Danger says they are not leaving until Jamin comes out. He then orders Anthony to lock up Diamond again. Another security guy comes out and Anthony slams him as he also does to Del Cardinal, who tries to make a save. Danger tells Anthony to grab Diamond again but a video appears on the screen and it’s Jamin! Apparently, Jamin had procured a camera crew in order to relay a message to Danger and Anthony. He says he will go against doctor’s orders and appear at Saturday Night Special! He says he will pummel Anthony, then will do the same to Danger! Anthony poses and Danger points as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: The clip from Elizabethtown was a nice bonus and having been there in May for an OVW live event, I can say it’s a nice atmosphere for wrestling. Where do both teams go from here? The Marauders kind of remind me of the biker gang from “Every Which Way But Loose” where Clint Eastwood’s character would always get over on them even though he was outnumbered. Maybe the Assassin has a twin sister? Will we see Rob Terry pop in again to help Bradley in the street fight or will Howe send Bradley back to TNA? I guess Anthony could take the title from Olivencia but I don’t see it happening unless Danger has another person to bring back like Cliff Compton or Chris Silvio or Rudy Switchblade or..? The lack of female participation in this show has been duly noted. I’ll have to give this show a lower thumbs in the middle.

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