Former ECW Champion To Undergo More Surgery

Jan 4, 2014 - by staff

Ezekiel Jackson

Former ECW World Champion Ezekiel Jackson posted the following on Twitter & Instagram:

his is what I look like one day before surgery, and was limited in what I did in the gym… what will I look like when I’m completely healthy? Being HOME and HEALTHY for 10 months became a problem because all I did was weight train. I tried a few different methods and techniques which I’ve adopted to create something extremely special (more on that coming #soon… stay tuned)…. I trained and trained and trained and got strong as an ox because of increased flexibility, healthier joints and and healthier muscles due to smarter training, stretching and warming up which I owe all to joe defranco @DeFrancosGym (really good dude and extremely knowledgeable). It didn’t matter how much stretching and warming up I did my body found a way to slow me down. I’ve developed 2 hernias which has SLOWED my training down for the last 6 to 8 weeks. I am finally having surgery today my 3rd (procedure, mountain, stumbling block, distraction) in 4 years. BUT in 2 weeks, I’ll be starting over and #SOON I will be back better than ever. #prayformyjourney #trulyblessed #freakofnature #freak #Zfreak #beastmode #damyth #WWE #RAW #smackdown #superstars #MainEvent @instagrambodybuilding @iamtherealdp @guru_of_abs @mankofit @mattwichlinski @bradleymartyn @fitnesspageforalll @hanyrambod @lyzabethlopez @mikeohearn @mikerashid @nakidfine @tsnaaronreed @teamgorillafitness @tristenesco

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