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Tammy Sytch responds to accusations she faked having cancer

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WWE hall of famer Tammy Sytch responded to accusations that she faked having cancer via Twitter:

Really tired of the accusations that I faked cancer and surgery… It took two surgeries to get it all out, ya assholes!

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  1. Stonz says:

    I hate to say I told you all so, but….. I did. Personally, I think she faked it, she screwed herself and crossed up her lies and “dates of surgeries” and whatnot too many times. Not to mention, I have had many family members that dealt with this disease and NONE of them ever found out about it, and had it “dealt with and cleared up” in just a matter of months. She just now realizes that people have caught on to her lies. Don’t believe me? Go back and look on this site at her “fundraiser” and look who created it (or tried to) under a false name “Chris” and then “that person” changed their avatar to a pic of Jericho – I guess to help raise more money for her and even THAT didn’t work. It was all a big joke to her.

  2. Trig says:

    Funny how things change. It was just a few months ago that she was laughing it up at having duped wrestling news pages by posting fake news about herself. Now she’s frustrated and upset that people are questioning and doubting what she says about her health? Perhaps read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” Tammy. People have trouble trusting and believing proven liars.

  3. Randy says:

    She is just a ring rat….why do you think chris candido od’d….it was because of that

  4. Scott II says:

    I wouldn’t put anything past her. Nothing more than a lying wh…

  5. Brad says:

    Chris Candido didn’t OD and I don’t know why that comment was allowed. He died from complications with his surgery.

  6. Stonz says:

    I think a few years BEFORE Chris died he DID overdose. It didn’t kill him, but I am quite sure he DID overdose, so nothing wrong with that comment. He and Tammy were both hooked on drugs at that time. It may have happened more than once…. but for sure at least once.

  7. LOL says:

    Looks like Tammy has a LOT of fans on here!

  8. Stonz says:

    Yeah like……. none. LOL!

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