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Usos def. Rollins and Reigns
These two teams have met numerous times over the past year and SmackDown will start off the competition tonight with another battle between these two teams. Ambrose takes up commentary once again and explains that Roman Reigns doesn’t just have gorgeous hair, he is a thoroughbred in the ring. Cole comments back that many people think Roman Reigns is the best in the Shield. Not to be deterred Ambrose shuts him down by saying “Now your’re just stirring the pot again Cole”, and he gives his announce counterpart the evil eye.
Rollins works on the arm of one of the Uso brothers keeping him grounded for a period of time. When Reigns is tagged in he continues to hammer on the sore arm until the Usos battle back with their teamwork. They attempt to go for their famous Uso splash but Ambrose grabs their ankles and involves himself in the match.
This forces the ref to call for the bell and the Usos are declared the winner. Just before commercial break Vickie Guerrero appears and after the break announces that the main event will feature the Usos and CM Punk who had appeared to assist the Usos in the after match brawl against the Shield.

R-Truth def. Fandango
This match doesn’t last long before Xavier Woods decides to call down the funkadactyls and dance on the announce desk. The dance party distracts fandango enough for R-truth to score the quick win and Fandango’s bad week to continues to get worse.

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Big E Langston Backstage Interview
Big E explains that Mark Henry came down to the ring to face Brock Lesnar (on Raw) expecting a wrestling match not a brawl. He says that Mark is a bit beat up but that he wouldn’t want to be Brock Lesnar.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes def. Rowan and Harper
Oddly Rowan and Harper were not joined by their leader Bray Wyatt, and there was also no sign of Daniel Bryan. The Wyatt twosome use their brute strength and Harper almost gets the victory with his massive clothesline. However both men appeared almost slightly lost without their leader watching in his signature rocking chair. The much more dynamic team of Rhodes and Goldust become one of the rare few to actually beat the Wyatt’s tonight and retain their tag team titles.

Nikki Bella def. Aksana
Nikki powers through strongly at the start of the match but gets overcome by Aksana’s aggressiveness. Aksana smacking Nikki’s arm against the post, and further damaging it by kicking it against the ropes. She tries her seductive kick to put Nikki away but it’s not enough. Nikki gains some momentum trying to whip her around the ring. Fans start chanting for Nikki and she gets herself a win over Aksana.

Big E Langston def. Curtis Axel

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The Usos and CM Punk def. The Shield
Ambrose starts off the match with an intense aggression against Jey Uso, Ambrose seemingly determined to get retribution and not be shown as the weak link in the Shield. Rollins also tagged in during the early going of the match and takes the brunt of abuse in the the match from Jey Uso. Jey Uso is larger size to toss Rollins around the ring and deliver some devastating fists. Rollins takes some hard landings and his head gets further abuse from the Usos double team. Jey trips up Rollins and Jimmy delivers a flying leg drop to the back of Seth’s neck. Jimmy is tagged in and further manhandles a smaller Rollins. Jey Uso the knocks Rollins flying out of the ring. Rollins almost falls prey to the famous Uso splash but Roman Reigns blocks his path. At the height of the action near the end of the match Ambrose rushes in to interrupt the possible submission as Rollins is caught in the anaconda vice. Ambrose is tagged in and attempts to get the better of arch nemesis CM Punk. He stubbornly remains in the ring even when CM Punk kicks out of Ambrose’s best move. Ambrose ignores Reigns shouts for him to tag out of the match and Reigns looks highly unimpressed. Ambrose gets caught in position for the GTS and Reigns rushes in to hit his spear but has to pull up when Ambrose gets in his way. Having lost the sudden surprise of his attack Reigns gets taken out by the Usos. Rollins tries to help and he too goes flying over the top rope. The Usos hit a double splash on Rollins and Reigns. Ambrose gets hit with a GTS and loses the match. He heads off to the back angry with his Shield teammates following far behind. Rollins shouts at him and raises his shoulders as if to say “what is going on?” and Ambrose disappears to the back. Rollins and Reigns are left on the ramp talking to each other with both talking about how Ambrose should have made the tag. With tension evident in the air the two exit to the back.

Bray Wyatt Promo
At the end of SmackDown a short video is shown of a Bray Wyatt in an old barn speaking of how the human race is a poison, and Daniel Bryan needed him. He ends the promo with a creepy “he can’t hear you now”.

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