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Jan 2, 2014 - by staff

From WrestlingObserver,com:

Welcome to another edition of CWFH and I hope that the first day of the New Year has been a fruitful one.  I apologize for missing a few of these, but I had to get a new email address, due to my previous one being compromised, as well as having to deal with the power outage that was caused by the snow storm that came through the country.  Anyway, we have a fine show to bring in our new year with, so let’s get to it.

An angle is being run where Jon Ian is missing, so his assistant, Danielle, has been left in charge by CWFH owner, Dave Marquez.  Soon after this bit of news, CWFH Tag Champions PPRay interrupted the interview and charismatically asserted their authority. Everyone involved in this segment did a nice job here, making sure not to over-saturate said segment with any lousy attempts at great theater. Danielle is getting better at her performing, although she still tries to do too much in her work.  If she would tone her acting down a few notches, then it would serve her a great deal more than trying to perform to get noticed.

The Revolution’s Che Cabrera cut an anti-American promo that I can’t imagine made many of us Americans happy.  After he “endured” himself to the event’s live crowd, Nick Madrid came out start his match with Che.

Che Cabrera w/ The Revolution vs.  Nick Madrid

                Both men had a nice showing here, with good, solid action throughout.  Che showed excellent character depth in this bout, while Nick continues to showcase his astute athleticism, which is poised to serve him well in the coming years.  The Revolution assaulted Madrid mid-match, which caused a disqualification victory for the now-battered Nick Madrid.

Winner:  Nick Madrid – DQ

                The previous round of shenanigans by The Revolution inspired Erik Watts to rush to the aid of Nick, which, in turn, prompted Danielle to make a match between The Revolution’s Fidel Bravo and Nick’s savior, Erik Watts.  Also, she banned Fidel’s racist posse, which should bode well for Erik’s chances of winning this match.

Fidel Bravo vs.  Erik Watts

                What followed was a well performed, albeit overly-long, squash match.  This match had a major flaw in it, as Erik spent the whole match denying himself victory so he could inflict damage on Fidel, which made the Revolution member’s comeback look like the actions of an underdog, rather than a nasty little heel.  Other than this mistake, these two had a good showing that kept a good pace and was quite entertaining.

Winner:  Erik Watts

Dan Joseph & Angel Lopez vs. Stu Stone & Othello

                Stu Stone had a good showing in this very fun tag match, which is also notable for how large Othello appeared in this bout.  The effect of Stu standing alongside Othello went a long way in establishing Othello as a true giant, which has been something of a problem in the past few weeks, considering that CWFH has quite a few larger wrestlers on its roster.  Content –wise, this bout was standard fare, but nothing was objectionable, so I certainly recommend it.

Winner:  Stu Stone & Othello

Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez vs. Todd Chandler – No Disqualification Match

                These two had a smooth, enjoyable brawl that brought in, to my surprise, a pumpkin, which must have pleased longtime Peanut’s character Linus, or maybe not, considering that Mandel bashed Todd with the pumpkin.  Every step of the way, these two made great efforts to offer a more methodical version of a hardcore match, with kendo sticks and handcuffs playing a big part of the story.  This was a sweet little nugget of a match that ended with Todd getting his revenge on the villainous duo for all of the atrocities they have committed to him.

Winner:  Todd Chandler

Main Event:  Scorpio Sky w/ Christian Cole vs.  Mikey O’Shea – CWFH Heritage Heavyweight Championship Match

                This main event certainly delivered the action I was hoping for and more.  Excellent technical work to start, with a steady transition into larger moves helped add to the illusion of grandeur that main events often don’t have anymore.  Sky has an ability to work well with anyone, which was evident here. O’Shea is an intimidating presence, but his connection with the crowd is a wonderful asset to the promotion and should help him be in more positions like he was tonight.  Congratulations to both men for a great bout and I look forward to more like these in the future.

Winner: Mikey O’Shea – Count-out

                After our stellar title fight, a group of men, who seem to be new to the promotion (of course I probably didn’t get a good look at them to be so certain) whooped the life out of poor O’Shea, which was a sight that ended our broadcast.

Overall, this was a fine evening of action, but I would’ve liked more pre-match promotion, especially for the main event.  Otherwise, this was a quality night for CWFH.

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