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WWE Live Raw Coverage – 12/30/13

Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of Monday Night Raw on Keep refreshing the page for updated results.

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Michael Cole welcomes us to the program and CM Punk’s music hits as we’re live in Richmond, Va.

(1) CM Punk Promo w/ The Shield

CM Punk says he’s fired up for the last Raw of 2013. Punk runs through his year, starting as the WWE Champion and says he’s not sure 2013 was the year of Punk. He says there are three guys who could say it was “their year” and that’s the Shield.

Out comes The Shield. Ambrose says Punk “better give them a good reason to not end 2013 by ending Punk right now.”

Punk says he wants to fight the best, and asks The Shield out of the three of them, who is the best?

Ambrose says he won’t leave the ring without tearing Punk apart. Punk says he wasn’t talking to Ambrose, that he’s “already beaten him half a dozen times.”

Ambrose says “you think I’m a joke!?!” Punk says “no, I think you’re the weak link.”

Reigns and Seth Rollins now argue over who is better, and who will face punk.

Out comes Brad Maddox. He books CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins for right now.

Match 1: CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins in control of the match early as we go to, and come back from, commercial. Announcers really building up that “Reigns knows he can beat CM Punk,” and that he’s upset Rollins got the match and not him.

Both Shield members are on the outside.

Rollins controls most of the early parts of the match getting heat. Punk tries to make a comeback but Rollins cuts him off.

Punk takes a scary-looking bump on the outside after his foot slipped.

Rollins mocks Punk, tries to beat him with a GTS but Punk reverses. Punk goes to the top rope and goes to deliver the elbow but Rollins rolls out, so Punk jumps down.

Punk sets up Rollins for a superplex, but he tosses him off the turnbuckle.

With Rollins down, Punk grabs an Anaconda Vice but Reigns distraction forces Punk to let go.

Rollins now ends up pinning Punk, but Ambrose’s distraction (accidental) blew it and Punk kicks out at two.

Punk dumps Rollins to the outside and he takes out the rest of the Shield. Rollins catches Punk as he runs and dives. Punk hits a GTS as Rollins comes back in the ring for the pin.

Winner: CM Punk def. Seth Rollins via pinfall

(3) Backstage with Maddox and The Authority

Maddox says it is time he took a step forward. In comes Daniel Bryan and he demands a match with Bray Wyatt. Maddox says he has to earn it, taking on Luke Harper and Eric Rowan in a gauntlet match before getting Wyatt.

Authority is impressed. Steph says, “not bad.”

Steph says “watch and learn” as she’s out after the commercial to announce the Royal Rumble main event, next.

(4) Stephanie McMahon promo

Steph is out on the stage, wishes us all a Happy New Year. She says it’s a time for reflection, and this year she would change nothing. She said we need to celebrate the career of Randy Orton.

Steph throws to a long video package highlighting Orton’s career, and year.

Stephanie announces that at the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton will defend against John Cena in a traditional one-on-one match.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel

Axel controls early in the match but Dolph Ziggler hits a zig-zag after a good back-and-forth match to pickup the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler def. Curtis Axel via pinfall

Match 3: Big E Langston (c) vs. Fandango for the IC title

After some back-and-forth, Fandango has control and is working on Big E’s legs for a submission. Big E regains control and hits a few splashes. He then sets up Fandango for the The Big Ending, hitting it and ending the match with a pin.

Winner: Big E Langston via pinfall

After the match, Cole throws to a video highlighting Bryan-Wyatt feud.

Booker T New Year’s Party

Booker T sets up for a spinaroonie contest but Bad News Barrett comes out to deliver bad news about 2014. Basically calls all Americans selfish, materialistic idiots. Says he’ll remind us all about it in 2014.

Backstage, Sandow says if he can’t beat his opponent tonight and end his year on a high note, he quits.

Match 4: Great Khali vs. Damien Sandow

Khali was picked via the app. Sandow said he will quit if he loses.

A lot of ground and pound in this match. … Sandow hits the big elbow but Khali kicks out at two.

Khali delivers a huge slap to Sandow. My TV almost shook. That was a nice one. Sandow feeding Khali clotheslines.

Khali goes for the big chop, but Sandow ducks. Sandow counters and schoolboys Khali for the win.

Winner: Damien Sandow def. Great Khali via pinfall.

Match 5: Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth

Woods is on commentary for this match. Brodus with a lot of offense early, but Truth reverses starts to dance.

Clay gets Truth up in a modified version of the torture rack, then slams him down after going for the submission. Big splash and a 2-count for Clay.

Woods says Clay’s beef is with him and he dances on the table. Cameron and Trinity dance from the stage. Naturally, this distracts Brodus and Truth gets the pin.

Winner: R-Truth

Triple H Promo – the return of Brock Lesnar

Out comes Triple H for his big announcement.

Triple H says 2014 will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

He then quickly welcomes back Brock Lesnar, who he brings out to the ring.

Triple H shakes Brock’s hand and leaves him in the ring for a promo.

Heyman takes the mic. … Heyman says Brock is not here to settle old scores. Heyman says Lesnar is declaring his desire to be the WWE World Hvt. Champion. He says that means, for Cena and Orton, whoever emerges from their match at the Royal Rumble, the winner is ultimately the loser, because the champion will then have to face the self-declared No. 1 contender, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar takes the mic.

He says he doesn’t care if it’s Orton or Cena. As far as he’s concerned, no one can stop him in this company.

Lesnar says he dares anyone to come down and do something about it.

Out comes Mark Henry.

Lesnar attacks Henry on the apron and absolutely kills him on the outside. Henry with a little offense at the start, but Lesnar beats him up and spears him through the barricade. Then howls and grunts at the camera. Lesnar picks up Henry and delivers an F5 on the floor.

Match 6: Team Total Divas vs. Team Not Total Divas

Aksana pins Nikki Bella for the win after a bit of a schmoze late in the match.

Winner: Aksana via pinfall

Match 7: Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper

Harper with all of the early momentum before Bryan takes over with some kicks. Finish comes when Harper goes for a German suplex but Bryan lands on his feet and nails a running knee to Harper for the 3 count.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via pinfall

Match 8: Daniel Bryan vs. Eric Rowan

Rowan hits the ring immediately and starts to maul Bryan. Ref needs to pull him off just to ring the bell. Rowan continues to beat up Bryan before he wins with a roll-up.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via pinfall

Match 9: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt turns his back before getting into the ring and Harper and Rowan attack, causing an instant DQ

Winner: Daniel Bryan via DQ

After the match Harper and Rowan beat up Bryan some more. Bray says “this is the end” and screams at Bryan to say the same.

“You were always right,” Bryan said. ” No matter how many matches I won or how loud these people cheered for me.  You were always right and the machine would never let me win.  No matter how loud you people chanted.  You chanted Yes in every building and they don’t care.  I’m yours. Let me join the Family”

Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Bryan and says “This is forever, this is going to change everything.”
The Wyatt Family takes Bryan away with them and he starts to walk on his own power away with them.
Bryan teases turning his back on them due to the crowd’s support but inevitably continues on with the Family

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