Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers “New Year’s EVIL” results‏

Dec 29, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers “New Year’s EVIL” results

Sunday December 29th, 2013 – Scarborough, Ontario

~ Shane Sabre b Eddie Sapps

~ Josh Alexander surrendered the Union Heavyweight Championship due to injury.

~ John Greed b Steve Brown in a King of Toronto Tournament semi-final match

~ Ethan Page b Sebastian Suave in a King of Toronto Tournament semi-final match

~ Carter Mason and Shane Sabre b Checkmate to win the Union Tag Team titles

~ Alex Vega b The Amazing Darkstone

~ Alex Vega b Rip Impact

~ Buck Gunderson b Alex Vega to win the Northern Lights Cruiserweight title

~ Sinn Bodhi b RJ City

~ Ethan Page b John Greed to win both the King of Toronto Tournament AND the vacant Union Heavyweight Championship

The Union returns to Rockpile East Nightclub in Scarborough on Sunday March 9th, 2014 for “Wrestlestock”.

Show notes:

Josh Alexander’s 625 day reign as Union Heavyweight champion ended as “The Walking Weapon” surrendered the title to “Union Boss” Kingdom James. Not wanting the promotion to be without a champion, Kingdom decided that the vacant title would go to the winner of the ongoing King of Toronto Tournament. After two gruelling matches, “All Ego” Ethan Page won the tournament and the title.

A mid-match knee injury to Lionel Knight left his partner, Christopher Bishop vulnerable to attack by the team of Mason and Sabre and led to the Checkmate losing the Union Tag Team Championships. Knight had to be carried out of the ring after the match. We will update fans on Knight’s condition when information becomes available.

RJ City’s losing streak continued as former WWE Superstar Sinn Bodhi (aka “Kizarny”) used a sleeper hold to put “The World’s Greatest Entertainer” down for the count.

And in the strangest turn of events, Alex Vega put his Northern Lights Unified Cruiserweight title on the line against three mystery opponents. Vega was successful in defeating both The Amazing Darkstone and “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact before his final opponent was announced: Union senior referee Buck Gunderson! Gunderson has been noticeably biased against Vega in recent days and shocked fans by not just wrestling but also refereeing his leg of the gauntlet match. Gunderson, who had his feet on the middle rope when he counted his own pinfall against Vega, was later heard to say “Too bad for Vega… THE REF DIDN’T SEE IT!” Vega is on the warpath after being tricked this way and will undoubtedly seek violent revenge at Wrestlestock!

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