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Dec 28, 2013 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 749 that will be aired in Louisville on 12/28 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/749

OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey as “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus is described as “missing in action”.

OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes out and has something to say to Timmy Danger and Marcus Anthony. He says that last week it took Danger distracting him so that Anthony could sneak up behind him and clamp on the full nelson, almost breaking his neck! He calls out Danger and Anthony and begins to get impatient as neither appears from behind the curtain. He refers to them as cowards but then raises the stakes and offers to put up the title since he says he defends the title often anyway. Gilbert reminds us that Anthony became the number one contender last week by winning a match against OUR OVW TV Champion Paredyse. Gilbert also says Anthony’s title shot was scheduled for the next Saturday Night Special on 1/4. Meanwhile, nobody comes through the curtain as Jamin gets tired of waiting so he decides to come to them and heads through the curtain. Dean wonders aloud about Anthony’s choice of aligning with Danger and whether he is headed down a slippery slope. (After all, Danger has referred to himself as “Career Killer”.)

OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Mobile Homer Bookies (Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) are standing outside a door in a hallway. Apparently Brittany Devore has concocted some sort of plan and reassures the Homers that it will work as they barge in on Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes. The Homers greet the former tag champs as McNaler offers to make a friendly wager. McNaler challenges Vaez to a one-on-one match tonight with the winners getting to decide the stipulations for their match on 12/28 in Elizabethtown. Vaez tells McNaler that he picked a fight with the wrong 8-time TV champion (you mean there’s more than one 8-time OVW TV Champion?) and on 12/28 he and Hayes will take the tag titles back. The Homers laugh and wish them luck before departing. Vaez tells Hayes not to worry about those goofs! Speaking of which, up walks OUR OVW Ladies Champion The Body Guy along with Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus. Vaez only looks at Body Guy and says “male women’s champ” before Body Guy and Melvin turn to walk away. They encounter Paredyse, who tells Body Guy that he’s never been into male on female physicality and that Body Guy carrying the ladies’ title gives everyone the impression that Body Guy is “funny”. Paredyse leaves to go do Zumba as Body tells Melvin that he needs to lose the ladies’ title tonight and to find him a female opponent!

Match #1: Del Cardinal vs Elvis Pridemore
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match, which is immediately interrupted by “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe coming out and grabbing the mic. Howe admits he is breaking an unspoken rule by interrupting but there is something that has been eating away at his very existence since last week. Howe calls out “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley, who along with “Welsh Colossus” Rob Terry, took Howe’s partner Rockstar Spud and slung him headfirst into the ringboards twice. Howe says that Bradley’s and Terry’s actions were uncalled for. Cardinal doesn’t appreciate the intrusion by Howe and gets all up in his face, which allows Bradley to attack Howe. Bradley sets up for the Boomstick but Howe backdrops him out of the ring and to the floor. Bradley leaves but returns with a bullrope and cowbell, laying Pridemore out but Howe is ready for him and runs him off again. Howe says he wants him some of Bradley next week!

Match #2: OUR OVW Ladies Champion The Body Guy (w/Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus) vs Jessie Belle (!!!)
Body Guy says that tonight he will finally lose “this ridiculous hunk of metal” as he is done holding this title and being called “Body Girl”. Gilbert reminds us that the ladies’ title has a history but the person currently holding it is the one that is ridiculous. Jessie comes out and Body Guy thought he told Melvin to get him a girl and not a “plastic-enhanced zombie”. Body Guy offers to lay down and let Jessie pin him but first we get his Robe Removal Ritual followed by some hip swiveling. Body Guy then lays down on that mat and guess what??? IT’S THE ASSASSIN!!!!! Body Guy cowers in fear in the corner as Assassin offers his arm to Jessie and escorts her out of the ring and to the floor. OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe counts to ten and calls for the bell (although OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude called it a DQ?). Body Guy retains the title but he ain’t happy about it, lol.

In the back we see Stephon J Baxter III sitting in between Trailer Park Trash and Flash Flanagan, who are facing away from each other. Baxter says he has a degree in psychotherapy and is willing to mediate their disputes. TPT says he saved Flash from Marauder beatings the past two weeks because it is his job to protect the company. He adds that he has known Flash for 21 years and although they have been partners and enemies, as long as he is in charge (he is?), he’s not going to let Flash get beaten down. He also says he saved Flash numerous times in USWA (where he likely would have been in his bowling shirt). Flash wants to know where TPT was a few years ago when he really needed help, like getting a job in OVW? TPT says he wasn’t in his current position at that time and he had nothing to do with keeping Flash out. Flash begs to differ quite animatedly which leads TPT to say that Flash is behaving like an ex-wife. Flash gets up and storms off. Baxter believes that they are making progress.

Match #3: “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler (w/Adam Revolver & Brittany Devore) vs Mohamed Ali Vaez (w/Michael (not PS) Hayes)
Ashcraft is the official for this match. McNaler offers a handshake but then piefaces Vaez and runs out of hte ring. Vaez reaches over the top rope and grabs him by the hair then slingshot him back in. Vaez atomic drops McNaler and again McNaler rolls out to the apron. Vaez reaches over and grabs McNaler again but Revolver holds his feet, allowing McNaler to snap Vaez on the top rope. McNaler comes in and beats on Vaez for a bit before giving him a lariat for 2. McNaler grabs an armbar but Vaez gets to his feet only to get hairpulled back down to the mat. Vaez escapes and makes McNaler run into his boot before doing some ducking and jabbing. McNaler drops to the mat and grabs his knee, so Ashcraft goes over tot check on him. However, Vaez has seen this act before so he grabs McNaler and suplexes him twice. He goes for a third but Revolver reaches through the ropes and grabs McNaler’s leg to prevent that. Vaez slingshots Revolver into the ring and suplexes McNaler on top of him before dropping a knee on both. Revolver rolls out and is attacked by Hayes. Ashcraft pokes his head out of the ring to stop that as Vaez small packages McNaler for like a six count. Brittany runs in and rolls McNaler on top as Ashcraft turns around and counts the pin.
Revolver takes the mic and makes the stipulation that if Vaez and Hayes lose; they have to split up…FOREVER! (The Homers do not do an evil laugh, however)

“The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” Timmy Danger and “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony come out. Danger has something very, very, important to say. He wonders why Jamin Olivencia would want to challenge Anthony, especially after Anthony has left Jamin laying and almost crippled after being locked into the Crimson Omen (full nelson). Jamin comes through the curtain with Sharpe, then hits the ring and attacks Anthony as Sharpe calls for the bell.

Match #4: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs Jamin Olivencia
Jamin’s OVW Championship is at stake here. Jamin unleashes a flurry of offense then settles down into some sticking and moving. A spinning punch by Jamin sends Anthony through the ropes and out to the floor. Anthony gets kind of hung up in the ropes trying to come back in so Jamin legdrops him to get a one count. Jamin hits a couple of running knees to the face but then grabs his left shoulder and goes down to the mat. Anthony begins a prolonged attack on the shoulder, which Dean and Gilbert speculate as being nerve damage from Jamin’s previously being slung around while in the Crimson Omen. Jamin escapes a headlock but Anthony hits him with some elbows and a kneedrop for 2. Anthony catches Jamin coming off the corner and grabs another headlock then pulls him into the Crimson Omen but Jamin manages to pull away. Anthony grabs another headlock and twists away on Jamin as Dean notes that last year, Jamin’s doctor wanted him to give up wrestling due to concussions. Jamin armdrags free then hits a missile dropkick followed by a Standing O but can’t quite get a three count. Jamin goes for a second Standing O but Anthony blocks it and pulls Jamin into the Crimson Omen, slinging Jamin back and forth. Sharpe drops Jamin’s arm three times and calls for the bell!
Anthony celebrates the victory by keeping Jamin locked in the hold as Danger is ecstatic. Sharpe asks nicely for Anthony to break the hold and when that doesn’t work, he gives a five count and reverses the decision! Jamin is foaming at the mouth as Sharpe snatches the belt from Danger and Anthony releases the hold. Anthony now commences a “sore loser attack” and reapplies the hold, which brings Ashcraft out to assist Sharpe as we go to a break.

Back from break, Anthony breaks the hold only to reapply it although he quickly breaks it to pace about in the ring like a caged animal. Another break is taken.

We return to Jamin trying to get up but he instead spits up on the canvas. OVW Security is joined by Paredyse, Eddie Diamond, and the refs as a back board is brought into the ring to facilitate carrying Jamin to the back. They roll Jamin onto the board and proceed to remove him from the ring even as Danger and Anthony are still hanging around. Gilbert tells Shannon the Dude to call the medics as Dean opines that Danger has no control at all over “serial killer” Anthony. They almost have Jamin out of the ring when Anthony attacks again, rolling Jamin off the board and reapplying the Crimson Omen. Paredyse grabs the board and hits Anthony with it and the hold gets broken although Paredyse gets shoved across the ring. Diamond gets dumped out by Anthony, who then slams a security guy. Danger and Anthony finally leave and a woozy Jamin is left laying in the ring as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: They really showed Anthony as being a monster here with Danger as being unable or unwilling to control him. They also did a lot of plugging of the Elizabethtown event (which is about to happen as I write this) with the tag titles versus Hayes & Vaez breaking up but no other mention of who else would be appearing. Glad to see Flash and TPT getting their problems out in the open:) Body Guy appears to be stuck with the ladies title and another week of humiliation! No Marauders or Slimy Jerks appeared in this episode. This episode had its moments but it seemed to drag along in spots, I’ll give it a slight thumbs down.

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