12/27 WWE house show results from Hartford, CT

Dec 28, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: WrestlingObserver.com

1. Sin Cara v.2 over Alberto Del Rio. Solid opener. Del Rio went for the arm-breaker, Sin Cara reverses into a roll up for the pin. Afterwards, Del Rio throws a fit, demands another match, which leads to…

1.5. Rey Mysterio over ADR. Quick match, Rey with the 619, top rope splash and a pin.

Quick Orton promo on the Titantron Junior.

2. Great Khali over Curtis Axel. Not good at all. Khali’s selling is a sight to behold. Khali with a high boot that missed by a mile, chop thingy and pin.

3. Brad Maddox introduces 3MB dressed as reindeers. Ricardo Rodriguez replacing Slater, though he was never introduced and no one around me seemed to recognize him. Los Matadores & El Torito win as El Torito pins Rodriguez with a version of a DDT. A lot of comedy. El Torito got a fair amount of time with Ricardo.

Twitter vote on either Divas dance contest or 8 woman tag. Sadly, no third choice of none of the above.

4. Zack Ryder beats Brodus Clay with a flash roll up. Pretty much a squash for Clay until the finish.

5. Rhodes Brothers over Real Americans in a cage to retain the Tag Team titles. Very good match. Zeb Colter with a mildly racist promo. Great stuff, especially with Goldust getting the heat. Finish was Cody with a moonsault off the top of the cage on Cesaro.

6. Divas Dance contest wins the vote. I wish intermission didn’t end. Heels attack Bella’s et al. Brad Maddox appears and sets up the 8 woman tag because he hates us and wants us to suffer.

6.5. Bella’s Naomi & Cameron beat Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendez, Aksana and Alicia Fox. Less said the better.

7. Big Show beats Libertarian Kane w/ Booker T as special ref when Booker shoves Kane into the knockout punch. Blah big guy match.

Booker T invites Cesaro out to celebrate his birthday with a singalong and a spinaroonie. Cesaro gives T a giant swing instead, then a bad spinaroonie. Fun was had by all.

8. John Cena beats Randy Orton by DQ in World Title match. Really good heat. Crowd about 70% Pro-Cena. Ref bump, Cena gets Orton to tap to the STF. Each guy takes the other ones finisher and kicks out. Orton with the weak low blow DQ. Cena FU on Orton to send them home happy.

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