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‘no more babyfaces and heels’


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that at a recent meeting, Vince McMahon said there are no more babyfaces and heels. McMahon has for years pushed no strong delineation because of the belief that in real life, nobody is completely good or completely bad.

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    Yes, because wrestling so closely mirrors real life.

  2. Stonz says:

    I know Vince doesn’t think his people that work for him are “wrestlers” – but they are – so there will always be babyfaces and heels. Vince just doesn’t refer to his “employees” as “wrestlers” because he is trying to dodge that whole licensing thing with his “employees”. To go from state to state as a “wrestler”, one has to be licensed – obviously this is one of the ways he has dodged all these fees (and additional other fees) all these years. Wake up people, they ARE wrestlers, and he SHOULD have to have them licensed. This is one of the main reasons he doesn’t want to have anyone blade (or bleed) on his shows. Also it is one of the reasons he doesn’t want his announcers to call the matches with “wrestling moves”… It opens him up to having to pay additional money. Why has no one else recognized this before? LOL to those that can’t put 2 and 2 together to get 4.

  3. Fisha695 says:

    I’ve had the belief for pretty much as long as I’ve been watching wrestling that to me it’s not about being the “good guy” or the “bad guy”, what draws me to a wrestler is the attitude the character has. If it’s an attitude that I can relate to (somewhat cocky/arrogant) then I’ll “cheer” for that wrestler.

    Then again I’m also the person that doesn’t really care about the storylines & I watch the matches to see how well the participants work together.

  4. LOL says:

    Someone tell Cena……

  5. Yanni says:


    Branding is more common than cheap-conspiracies, but both still stand. Of course there’s solid reasons why WWE does what it does. Only a smark would debate this.

    But these are in general the same people that see contractual debates being signs a company is on purpose trying to leak false information to fool them, or that it’s justified to ignore basic functions of the program to try and fault an individual or company.

    Oh and let us not forget blatant prejudice towards people who take certain roads in their careers and vice versa. And other bad attempts to ascertain knowledge from ratings, crowd reactions and other news.

    Basically all the reasons why wrestling fans have to be just as dumb on the internet as the stereotype would have you believe. Where’s the common sense fellows? I wouldn’t expect such things as this to go over so many people’s heads.

  6. Zafx says:

    LOL @LOL

  7. The Sheild says:

    Didn’t Russo try this with TNA? The reason it doesn’t work is because if a story doesn’t have a hero & villain, fans get confused who to cheer & boo, just like some people watch for ability, many watch for story, if both become hazy due to blurred lines, the product will continue to suffer. They can rehash 98 all they want, but it’s not Attitude Era story lines we want recreated, it’s the unpredictable atmosphere & belief that any guy could win.


    I like the idea of someone on the roster being able to jump back and forth on a dime….like a shifty talent who cannot be nailed down (Punk over last few years)….but the entire roster? um….no

  9. cas says:

    genious……sure genious!

  10. JD Storm says:

    i do have to admit one thing. i can actually see the logic that Vince is using. it’s not all that often that we see true good guys or true bad guys in real life. there’s typically shades of grey just about anywhere you go.

    while i say that, wrestling is still a form of entertainment. wrestling isn’t all that different (in some regards) to a movie or tv show. like a movie/tv show, wrestling is really hard to watch if you don’t have that clear cut face or heel.

  11. art123guy says:

    In real life, people get seriously injured or die from getting hit with a sledge hammer. In real life, people use foul language. In real life, people sometimes bleed when they get hit. I wonder if we’ll see any of that on WWE tv.

    I also wonder who Vince will blame when PPV sales take a dive because of this mandate. Will it be him, Cena or the poor “kinda sorta but not really babyface” he’s up against? Ask Daniel Bryan who took the hit for the crappy booking between him, Orton and the Authority.

  12. Ian says:

    This is stupid…wrestling is NOT real life it is entertainment, which means you should have a good guy and a bad guy, without that it will get very stale and blah.

  13. Stonz says:

    No the PPV ratings will start suffering because the damn things now cost like $45 or $50 dollars for a crappy PPV.

    As for heels and faces, wrestling will always have those. Just because Vince says something doesn’t make it true. Remember, this statement is coming from the same guy that had Mae Young give birth to a hand and his son-in-law have sex with a (supposed) dead body on TV… just to get ratings.

  14. Will Henderson says:

    in today’s social media age and the over-PC world, if you act like an asshole or bitch, you are really a heel and if you are nice, cool, and can relate to the fans, you are really a babyface.

    that’s why the total divas get booed while AJ Lee gets cheered, people know that AJ is really a nice person in real life and is a role model while the total divas come off a selfish bitches on Total Divas.

    and the reason John Cena is not like is due to a combo is looking good, having a little talent and being a “Vince McMahon” guy. and fans hate HHH because he married into the company and most of his post-2001 pushes may had been from that alone.

    so i’m ok with the return of 50 shade concept of face/heel booking. i think it works better for the fans to find who’s heel and who’s face from the social media online real life personality of the wrestlers. plus we also have IWC smarks rebelling anyway.

  15. Kerry Standifur says:

    The Authority aren’t heels?

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