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Should WWE Unify the IC & US Championships? has a piece of talking with IC Champion Big E Langston & US Champion Dean Ambrose, discussing whether or not the 2 titles should be unified, like the company recenly did with the WWE & World titles.

We know, we know. You’ve barely gotten used to calling Randy Orton the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and already is stirring the pot with more merger talk. But we can’t help but wonder: Should the United States and Intercontinental Titles be unified?

With WWE’s recent streamlining of the title picture — in addition to the new WWE World Heavyweight Title, both the Divas Title and the WWE Tag Team Championships became the sole representatives of their divisions in 2010 — the Intercontinental and United States Championships remain the only mirror titles in WWE.

Is it time for one championship to rule them all? We weighed the pros and cons, and spoke with both Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston and United States Champion Dean Ambrose to get their opinions.

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9 Responses

  1. Cold says:

    Yes, they have to

    WWE has de-valued the titles so badly that they may have to have Chris Jericho hold them for a year to put some shine back on them,

    I thought Cody Rhodes/Big Show, did a great job with the IC title but then Curtis Axel brought it back down to third tier like the U.S. title…

  2. Helio says:

    While I agree that the WWE has devalued their titles, I don’t think unification is in order. I think each title should be “exclusive” to each show, so the IC title should be exclusively defended on RAW and it’s champion should exclusively perform on RAW. The same would go for the US title on Smackdown. And if the WWE continues with it’s general manager concept, then the respective GM would be invested in the status of their titles and champions.

  3. Andrew Davis says:

    Apparently I missed something, when did Curtis Axel do something to devalue the IC belt? Seeing I have only missed 1 WWF/E Raw ever (May 2004) I’m just trying to figure out how I missed it

  4. Kerry Standifur says:

    Andrew he devalues it because he’s a second rate performer who is nowhere near as talented as his father.

  5. Toni says:

    It doesn’t really matter. They’ve turned both championships into jokes. Axel rarely defended the title and when he did the matches were just thrown together without any build. Outside of his rare title defenses, Axel was CM Punks bitch. Ambrose doesn’t defend his title very often either and when he does his matches usually end in dq. Outside of Shield matches and beatdowns where Roman Reigns is the only one that comes out looking strong, Ambroses achievements are meh at best in the WWE. Big E hasn’t done much since winning the belt either. Defending against Sandow doesn’t bring any credibility to the title. He lost to a one armed beat down Cena after all.

  6. LOL says:

    WWE not booking compelling med-long term feuds is the problem…not necessarily the person who is carrying the strap.

  7. @Andrew Davis – That has to be sarcasm, right? If not then @Toni has your answer.

    @LOL- I totally agree. Creative sucks!

  8. Scott II says:

    Something that needs done. With the top titles, I could have lived with them being split, but the lower card titles, it’s something that should have been done (at least with the US and IC titles) a while ago. We don’t have the distinct 2 brand deal now like we used to. Merge them, and go from there.

  9. raven12516 says:

    Seeing as how the IC belt represents North America and South America, I think that makes the US title redundant.

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