To All A Good Fight: Top 10 Santa Shockers

Dec 25, 2013 - by staff


On the surface, the idea of being Santa Claus seems pretty cool. With what is essentially an 11-month-long vacation every year, being Kris Kringle probably isn’t such a bad deal most of the time. But now that the holidays have descended upon us, St. Nick’s workflow has been kicked up to 11, proving once again that it’s not easy being Santa Claus in late December.

And it’s definitely not easy being Santa Claus in the WWE Universe. Leaving a child crying over an unwanted toy on Christmas morning is one thing — being on the wrong end of a “Stone Cold” Stunner is another entirely.

With Kris Kringle just days away from making his yearly sojourn around the globe, presents the Top 10 Santa Shockers in WWE history and, as you’ll soon see, you don the red and white at your own risk around these parts!

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