Notes on Bruno Sammartino, Shelly Martinez, Daffney, and Austin Aries

Dec 23, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Josh Stewart: WWE’s Bruno Sammartino, Triple H on MSG’s ‘The Garden Transformed’

– Former TNA and WWE diva Shelly Martinez (Ariel) continues to address many questions from her fans online. She was asked “Do you regret any of your tattoos” and she replied simply, “yes.”

– A reader sent in: I was watching Daffney’s recent highspots shoot and there was an interesting tidbit: She mentions that, a while after his injury, she contacted Jesse Sorensen about possibly taking legal action and joining her lawsuit after TNA refused to pay his medical bills and his mom went bankrupt. He opted not to take legal action because he still had his office job and felt loyalty to Dixie and TNA, despite everything. Daffney then noted he got fired a couple of months after her lawsuit was settled.

– Marc Kruskol sent in: Austin Aries’ episode of Player Vs Gamer has gone live.

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