Tammy Sytch: “I’m a mess”

Dec 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Tammy Sytch via Facebook:

Ok, so this is the official surgery summary: they performed a parametrectomy, to remove the ligaments that once held my uterus to my pelvic bones. They did a lymphadenectomy, and removed all of my pelvic lymph nodes ( there’s like 15). They did and upper vaginectomy, to remove the part of my CERVIX that they left in the first time (yeah, I have cervical cancer) and the upper portion of the vagina (about an inch) because the cancer cells were there also. They removed my appendix, because it was damaged from the first surgery. They also put in mesh to help the internal healing, because they had to remove a massive amount of scar tissue caused by the DaVinci robot in the first surgery. THE PROGNOSIS: I won’t know until the 30th, when I go for my pathology discussion after they test all of the removed tissue for cancer cells. If there are cancer cells in my lymph nodes, I will need radiation. I hope they are clear, because radiation hurts bad. So, I’m in a ton of pain, more pain than the first surgery, because this one was much more extensive.. Gonna be bed and couch ridden for a while… I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes. I’m a mess.

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