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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted earlier this week that former WWE champion Dave Bautista openly talked about as being in great shape and probably coming back for the WrestleMania season. His name is being mentioned in radio and internet advertising for the February 16th WWE house show in Las Vegas at the Thomas & Mack Center, which means at this point he is scheduled not just for television appearances.

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  1. gw says:

    Stay gone Dave…no need to botch your own finisher and injure yourself again!

  2. raven12516 says:


  3. Scott II says:

    If he comes back to put over guys, like Jericho does, I’m all for it.

  4. LOL says:

    He is signing with TNA!

  5. Sal says:

    I am down for one last Batista Run

  6. Meh says:

    How long until Botchtisa injures his knee again?

  7. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    Batista vs Brock

  8. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    Let me guess, another Triple H hookup…smh

  9. Kerry Standifur says:

    If Batista is coming back then bring Mason Ryan aka Mini Batista back in to do an angle.

  10. dooman says:

    lookslike yrs of asskissing paid off for HHH now its his ass being kissed

  11. T says:

    Orton vs ____ at WM. Batista interferes, Evolution 2.0 is reformed. *yawn*

  12. Max says:

    At This point… the way the ratings are…… it looks like #Evolution is the solution

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