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Edge on having to retire from the ring

Edge on having to be forced into retirement:

“I really thought I would relax whenever that is, but with it being sped up a couple of years with the last injury, it was then like, ‘Now what?’ Kevin Dunn called the ‘Haven’ people because they had been looking to have a tie-in with Smackdown. ‘Listen, we have this guy retiring. I think he could fill a good spot on your show.’ That’s kind of how that fell into place.”

This is taken from an interview Edge did on Chris Jericho’s new podcast, Talk is Jericho.


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  1. LOL says:

    Edge 2014 Rumble c’mon you can do it!

  2. bill says:

    Edge is certainly missed. He was a great professional. Ring work, mic skills, just everything was great. Edge will ALWAYS be better than Orton that’s for sure. Are there any actual pro wrestling fans that dig Orton? i dont think so

  3. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    Edge being on an episode is what made me watch the show to begin with. Now he’s a regular, playing the police chief, and I’m a crazy fan of the show and all the characters.

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