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Report: AJ Styles close to staying with TNA

AJ Styles 2 reports that AJ Styles and TNA are closing in on new contract. According to a source very close to the situation, no deal has been signed or agreed to as of this morning, but in recent days things have gotten a lot closer.

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  1. Daniel says:


  2. Ian says:

    WWE doesnt want him and never has.

  3. Damn I really wanted to see him in WWE. TNA is garbage.

  4. LOL says:

    Dixie you done it again….hopefully they will write in another run at the Claire Lynch love triangle!

  5. Mighty says:

    Wait and see how Xavier Woods does…

  6. JJ says:

    I think that this guy that was once a part of the Gathering in TNA did fairly well…what does everyone else think?

  7. The Wordman says:

    Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed) spent close to three years in FCW/NXT before he was called up to the main roster. Both CM Punk and Mickie James (Alexis Laree) spent over two years in OVW before they were called up.

    It seems like when someone from TNA is signed by WWE, they get put in “the minors” for a very long period of time. Part of it is to learn the WWE style. I’m just supposing here but maybe another part is an attempt by the WWE powers-that-be to keep the wrestler “down on the farm” long enough so fans’ memory of him/her being in TNA will fade. They also do it for a bunch of the former ROH wrestlers. One example is Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) who was in FCW for about two years.

    AJ Styles is the face of TNA and has been since the company started. He’s also 36 years old. If WWE is true to form and keeps him in NXT to learn the WWE style and for other reasons, he’d be 38 when he gets the call-up to Raw or Smackdown. And who knows how WWE would use the face of TNA once they give him the chance?

  8. AJ Cooper says:


    If anything, AJ would fare much WORSE in WWE. Hell, look at Frankie Kazarian & his time in WWE. Mis/underutilized. Or, there’s Chris “Braden Walker” Harris. Again, mis/underutilized. ANY TNA main-eventer would be buried if they signed with WWE. When it comes to Woods, the reason that he’s doing so well right now is that he never really became a main event player in TNA. Hell, look at how WWE treated WCW’s main event players. Same thing there. Oh, and you say TNA is garbage? TNA has NEVER done angles involving necrophilia, suggested incest, etc. So, I think it’s safe to say you’re just another one of those WWE fanboy trolls, kinda like Mr. Anti-TNA (known better around here as Mr. Anti-Brains.) The ONLY chance ANY TNA superstar would have in WWE is if, by some lucky chance, TNA ended up in a situation where they got acquired by a major media company & had better, more competent management put in charge, as eventually, they’d bring WWE close to bankruptcy & then TNA’s parent company would do the same to WWE that WWE did to WCW. THAT, sir, is the ONLY way ANY TNA superstar would make it in WWE (being owned by the same media company owning TNA).

  9. What? says:

    Yes, I was very sad to hear that Styles might not be coming back despite being talked about and/or appearing almost every week. I really hope they can WORK something out.

  10. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    Ya coulda been somebody kid. And AJ Cooper, nobody cares what you have to say. You try to correct people like your their teachers. Shut up no one cares.

  11. Scott Grady says:

    Once again, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Harris(in singles)weren’t main eventers in TNA when they jumped to WWE. Kazarian being a cruiserweight(like Spanky, Paul London, Jamie Noble, Nunzio, and others) was as much of factor for why he didn’t become a superstar. As for Harris, let’s not forget his singles run near the end of his time in TNA wasn’t any better than his run as Braden Walker.

    As for Styles, it shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m sure some will claim TNA realized that they needed him but let’s be honest. He needs them just as much. When it comes to WWE, he’s not young enough for NXT and isn’t a big enough name to get put on the main roster immediately. Allegedly, his asking price on the indies was steep. So, it’s a case where both probably caved in.

  12. darthvedder says:

    This is the perfect example of why TNA is good for wrestling. If a guy like Styles can’t get hired by WWE. What chance do other guys have? TNA gives us fans a chance to see great wrestlers(on a national level) that we wouldn’t be able to with out them.

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