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New Japan

2013 GERWECK.NET Year end awards – Promotion of the year

New Japan (35%, 303 Votes)
WWE (29%, 251 Votes)
ROH (9%, 77 Votes)
Shine (7%, 63 Votes)
Shimmer (7%, 62 Votes)
NOAH (7%, 61 Votes)
TNA (6%, 43 Votes)

Total Voters: 860

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Note: This is the first time WWE did not win promotion of the year, since we debuted our year end awards in 2005.

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13 Responses

  1. Truth says:

    Can you U.S. guys stop pretending you watch international products? I know it’s “hip” to watch New Japan, but a large percentage of you go on what you read on the internet. Literally disgusts me.

  2. Facken Boolshet says:

    @Truth…. you’re assumption on the U.S. fans pretending to watch international products is absurd, have you been to the U.S., it’s the biggest melting pot known to man, with all the different languages spoken here I would assume that there are all lot of people who can understand and be entertained by watching Puroresu, Lucha or whatever.

  3. Genghis Khali says:

    There is nothing to “understand” about most Japanese wrestling. They run simple angles and leave it all in the ring. The announcers mostly talk about the match as it happens and most of the move names are english loan words.

    NJPW has a great lightweight division, great tag division, good heavyweight scene, and good roster. Basically what most people like to say they wish WWE would be.

  4. It was a not a great year for WWE. Glad to see people recognize that, and voted as such. New Japan had a solid year, featuring great matches.

  5. leo says:

    Okay can someone tell me how do I watch New Japan. Where is on youtube with English translation or sub title to know the plot line of the matches?? Otherwise cant get into a rpogram without know the plots

  6. Toni says:

    WWE not winning is a little unexpected, but I’m more shocked by TNA coming in last place. I’m not a fan of the direction TNA has/is going in and didn’t vote for it, but I still never expected it to come in last place, and I definitely expected it to have more than 43 votes.

  7. Genghis Khali says:

    Leo, there isn’t really a plotline to follow in the matches, and you need no explanation. It’s wrestling. There aren’t any outlandish plots to follow, just the matches themselves.

    A lot of times there isn’t even faces or heels. It’s just about what goes on in the ring.

    This was my favorite match of 2006. Check it out.

  8. Truth says:

    @Leo How do you watch New Japan? You pretend that you know everything that is going on and read the internet dirt sheets. Then you come to and vote for it for promotion of the year, and look down at everyone who voted differently.

    Bottom line is this…I’m not saying New Japan is bad – I actually think, New Japan, Wrestle-1, ROH, etc etc put on a lot of what I want to see – actual wrestling. I also agree that WWE has been stale, repetitive, and downright terrible for the last 2 years or so…HOWEVER, I know I am the minority on this – there is no f’n way that enough people watch wrestling that way for it to be voted #1 promotion on a website like this. It’s safe to say that the people who are actually able to watch New Japan on a regular basis are the minority of the minority.

    I compare this a lot to when a wrestler dies…every time the “sexy topic” of a dead wrestler comes up, every single comment on this site “Oh man, he was a great talent…he could have been champ…I was a big fan of his” when in actuality that wrestler was bashed and hated when he was active…go back and read the comments Garrison “Lance” Cade died. Everybody was in his praises – but when he was Tag Champ everybody hate him and said “Why do these guys have TV time”.

    Now everybody’s going to talk how great New Japan is…when in reality it’s just the “sexy topic” of the moment. Internet writers aren’t the authority on wrestling – but they sure as hell get that way when you SHEEP follow everything they say.

    Go out there and actually watch it.

  9. Rainmaker says:


    I’ve been following NJPW Since late 2012 and I’ll say that NJPW has consistently put a better product out than WWE. I don’t know how you can defend the atrocious booking of WWE this year let alone the last 5 months. Every NJPW ippv has delivered…. I wish I could say the same about the WWE.

  10. Chris Mac says:

    The right promotion won out and I’m glad it did. New Japan obliterated everyone on the list from the Tokyo Dome show onward and hold four of the Top 5 matches of the year alone for me.

  11. ClashHollywood says:

    I am in the United States and basically only watch King of Sports New Japan Pro Wrestling. I even attended the Attack on the East Coast in 2011. I am very happy to see the belt that debuted then as the Main Event for Wrestle Kingdom 8 between two of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Both of which I got to meet in Jersey and again in New York. Hiroshi Tanahashi is an extremely humble guy and Shinsuke Nakamura was himself for sure. Yet I didn’t even get to vote on this but I’m happy to see more NJPW fans on Gerweck!

  12. M.J. Wright says:

    Ive been watching Puroresu (Japanese Wrestling) since the Mid 90’s and Ive always said this %85 of the finishers and pop spots you see today came from japan (mostly the joshi (Women Wrestlers) I dont give a damn about a story line, All I care about is an awesome match and when you have PSYCOLOGY (a lost art in wrestling today), you dont need any storyline, angles or writers bull$#!+ shoved down our throats!! Any doubters can look up these 2 matches:
    Dreamslam April 2, 1993 – Akira Hokuto vs Shinobu Kandori
    Dreamslam 2 April 11, 1993 – 2 out of 3 falls for the WWWA Tag team Championship – Dynamite Kansai & Mayumi Ozaki vs Manami Toyota & Toshiyo Yamada….nuff said!!

  13. leo says:

    All I asked was where you can watch it to know whats going on.. I get chewed cuz you got me confused with someone else. dude I am 16 guy live in Flagstaff Az. Been 2 like a boatload of Indy shows saw TNA at GCU Oct. 2012 pretty damm good live.Saw dragon Gate in ‘ 10 a when WM 26 was in in Phx. I wanted wanted see NJW like I use to see WWC wit Hugo sanovich on tape from the 80… Damm guess i will stick to championship wrestling from arizona

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