12/18 WWE NXT Recap

Dec 19, 2013 - by staff

December 19, 2013
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by Emerson “I got nuttin” Witner

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Here’s what you need to know about NXT:

-The NXT Champion is Bo Dallas. He defeated Big E. Langston on June 13 after teasing a heel turn on May 16. Bo’s character has evolved into this delusional guy who thinks the fans love him when they hate him almost as much as people hate Cena.

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Conor O’Brien and Rick Victor, better known as The Ascension. They won the belts on October 3, defeating Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

-Paige is the first ever Woman’s Champion. She captured the belt on July 25 defeating Emma in the finals of a grueling tournament, which was not held in Rio De Janero.

-John “Bradshaw” Layfield is the Interim General Manager of the show, replacing Dusty Rhodes who Triple H fired in a power trip.

-The announce team is constantly rotating with some combination of Byron Saxton, William Regal, Brad Maddox, Alex Riley, Renee Young and Tom Phillips

And that’s everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

-Before we begin this is your weekly reminder that over on WrestleCrap.com I go into the way back machine and discover legendary moments in 140 characters of less for Epic Tweets In Wrestling History.

-Welcome to the 200th edition of NXT! A show with routes back to the days of Michael Tarver and Eli Cottonwood. The Genesis of McGillicutty, the Goldust-Aksana wedding, the Derrick Bateman-Kaitlyn-Maxine-Johnny Curtis love rectangle, kidnapping Matt Striker, Hawkins and Reks. All this and so much more!

-NXT starts the same way the last two WWE pay per views started, with Triple H coming out before the opening video package to cut a promo. You know if he goes 20 minutes that would be almost half of the show.

Triple H starts by making the fans chant “NXT” before mentioning that this is the 200th episode of the show. He reminds that we have seen some amazing talent like Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, The Shield, Big E. Langston and The Wyatt Family all come from NXT and now the next 200 episodes will be even better.

He basically thanks the fans for being there and tells them that this is there show.

1.) Sami Zayn & Tyson Kidd defeated Leo Kruger & Antonio Cesaro

Tag team action kicks things off this week. Tyson Kidd debuts new music which just sounds oh so generic, not that having a Bret Hart ripped off theme wasn’t, but still.

The fans chant “Match of the Year” and “This is awesome” at Cesaro and Zayn before they even locked up. They are really pushing the 2 out of 3 falls match they had as the best match in NXT and possibly WWE all year. I disagree, they had a better match a few weeks earlier, but no one remembers it.

Cesaro gets the heat and simultaneously shows off his mad strength by catching Tyson Kidd in midair and turning it into a tilt a whirl back breaker.

The heels got some pretty decent heat on Tyson, taking turns beating down Kidd until, finally, Kidd crawled literally the entire way across the ring to make the hot tag.

Shenanigans broke out and we had a Pier-6 ending with Sami pinning Leo with the MVP corner kick.

-Backstage Natalya was standing around in her gear watching Tyson’s match when Emma walked in dancing. Nattie claimed to still be watching Tyson’s match, which ended a minute earlier.

Emma claims that Nattie was too big a star for the little people unless it’s a title match. They argued about dancing before making a #1 Contender’s Match.

-A commercial for the Damien Sandow-Mark Henry match aired. Man, I hope Christmas doesn’t get canceled. I will have a bunch of stuff to return and force people to mail Christmas cards back to me.

-We see an “NXT Moment”, which was the first episode ever with Daniel Bryan vs World Champion Chris Jericho.

2.) NXT Woman’s Champion Paige pinned Sasha Banks

So that Nattie-Emma challenge was made to set up a match at some point in the future. Instead we get the love of my life facing off with the NXT Woman’s Champion.

Paige got a quick start for about 20 seconds until Summer distracted her so Sasha could drop the back of her neck on the top rope. Tensai (on commentary) mentioned that The BFF’s have the Boss, First Lady and Flair of NXT, which was a comment that went right over the heads of the other announcers, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

Summer tried to distract Paige again, but somehow Sasha kicked Summer off the apron, which led to Paige picking up the win with the Paige Turner.

-Backstage Enzo Amore, with his leg in a cast and in a motorized wheelchair, is talking to Colin Cassidy about suing a restaurant for not being handicap accessible.

Aiden English was standing nearby singing, so this led to a Colin Cassidy-Aiden English singing contest.

-Another NXT moment which was the last episode of NXT: Redemption and the first episode of the new NXT.

3.) NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension beat The American Pitbulls

The Ascension has made a challenge to any tag team in the world….and we get Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards: The American Wolves….I mean what I think the ring announcer said was Derek Billington and John Cayhill: The American Pitbulls. You just can’t make this up.

The hilarious thing about these wacky new names is Tensai and Byron Saxton talked on and on about who these two were and how they were known all over the world.

Ascension gets the heat on Billington (Davey Richards), which included Victor dropping Davey right on the top of his head. Derek gets the hot tag to Cayhill, who gets a near fall on Victor. A double suicide dive to the outside onto Conor and Victor and Billington almost wins with a Flying Headbutt, but Ascension wins with the Fall of Man.

-After the match Hunico and Camacho came out onto the ramp and implied that they wanted the tag titles as Ascension beat up Cayhill some more.

-Female Backstage Interviewer interviews Kofi Kingston about how much he wants to be there until Lana walked up and challenged Kofi on behalf of Alexander Rusev.

-Next week:

-Year In Review
-William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro

Merry Christmas from NXT, huh?

Main event time…and Howard Finkel did the ring introductions. I want to point out that I watch every week and have probably seen 175 of the 200 episodes…and I didn’t recognize a single lumberjack.

Going into the match, Bo Dallas has reached Day 189 of the longest NXT Title reign of the last 25 years. Will we live to see Day 190?

There are two lumberjacks in cowboy hats outside that are distracting me.
Bo tried to get a breather early on, but was thrown back in and Adrian got a near fall as Bo was shocked that these nobodies would touch our champion.

Turns out Tyler Breeze was a lumberjack. I don’t know how he was hiding as he is wearing a bright purple coat. He tried to do his job and throw Adrian back into the ring, but Adrian was a dick and slapped him.

During the final commercial break we got another NXT Moment, which was Seth Rollins becoming the first ever NXT Champion.

A really cool little move where Bo gave Adrian a school boy, which is hardly ever considered an offensive maneuver, but Adrian went through the bottom ropes and fell to the outside. Tyler is sitting on the floor outside the ring pouting.

The match built well, but it mostly revolved around long headlocks and chin locks. If I didn’t know ant better I would say that Randy Orton was wrestling.

Finally Adrian went for the Red Arrow, but Bo rolled outside the ring, with all of the lumberjacks trying to get Bo back, Adrian dived off the top rope onto the giant pile!

Neville rolled Bo back in and went for the Red Arrow again, but Tyler Breeze pulled Bo out of the way behind the referee’s back, which led to Adrian crashing and burning. Bo swooped in, made the cover and yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bo retained the title! We will live to see Day 190! And actually since next week is a mostly Best Of episode, Bo will cross into 202 days by the time we see him again!

Until next week, don’t stop Bo-lievin!

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