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WWE Facing Another Trademark Showdown


Improv/Comedy Club ‘The Second City’ is preparing to oppose WWE’s registration of the ‘Second City Saint’ trademark.


CM Punk has been using the “Second City Saint” moniker for years prior to signing with WWE. The name was also used as the group name for his trio with Colt Cabana and Ace Steel

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3 Responses

  1. Wesley says:

    These guys have no chance. They fail to realize that Second City is also a nickname for Chicago.

  2. Cold says:

    I hate these frivilous trolish lawsuits, when is the last time you heard the term on WWE TV? He’s been screaming ‘best in the world’ for the last 3 years, and short of a few t shirts I haven’t seen any other use of the phrase….

    I hope wwe decides to file a counter claim for court cost and lawyer fees, and crush that club

  3. Stunning Steve says:

    I just finished Mass Comm Law and I would say Second City has about a snowball’s chance in hell to win this. As Wesley said, it is a nickname for a city that is well known and can’t be trademarked across the board. It would be different if WWE was putting on comedy shows, but as of right now they are not (intentionally).

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