Lodi on signing with TNA, asking for his WCW release, WCW’s party culture, Obamacare, more

Dec 18, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

In our exclusive interview with former WCW wrestler Lodi, he discusses…

– Being trained by CW Anderson before moving on to the WCW Power Plant.

– Being apart of Raven’s Flock, and Raven’s creative control.

– The chaos backstage at Nitro, and how the booking was handled.

– The development of the Lenny and Lodi tag team, and who brainchild the idea.

– Why Lenny and Lodi wanted to be released by WCW, and what they were told.

– Why Lenny and Lodi wanted to separate from Stacy Keibler.

– The party culture in WCW.

– Working with Chris Benoit, and his reaction to learning of the Benoit tragedy.

– Agreeing to a TNA deal in 2002, and why he never wrestled for the company.

– Thoughts on the current TNA and WWE TV products.

– Battling and overcome his drug problem.

– Helping to train young wrestlers, and working as a personal trainer.

– Did WCW or WWE miss the boat on Bill Goldberg?

– The water downed nWo.

– Thoughts on Obamacare, the mid term elections, and the likely favorite for the 2016 Presidential election.

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