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Live report from last night’s Raw taping (spoilers)

Thanks to Travis Banks for the following:

Attendance was roughly 60%. The entire lower bowl was full but much of the upper deck was tarped off.

Dark Match: Zack Ryder def. Tyson Kidd with the Ruff Ryder

Main Event:

– Josh Matthews and The Miz come out for commentary.

– Santa Claus kicks off the show. He had the Santa Mick Foley titantron but looked and sounded nothing like Foley. He’s almost immediately interrupted by RybAxel, who call Santa fat and complain that they never got the gifts they wanted as kids. Miz comes to Santa’s defense and challenges Axel to a match later.

– Alex Riley music plays and he comes out to the announce table from somewhere that was not the main stage.

– R-Truth and Xavier Woods def. Jinder Mahal and Drew MacIntyre after Truth hits a Lil’ Jimmy on Drew. No Heath Slater.

– AJ Lee (with Tamina) def. Kaitlyn

– The Miz (with Santa) def. Curtis Axel (with Ryback). Finish came when Santa pulled out a stocking and hit a Mandible Claw on Ryback outside leading to Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Axel for the win. During the match the crew starts decorating the stage with Christmas trees and such for Raw.


– Michael Cole and JBL come out for commentary. No Lawler.

– Show opens with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane making their way to the ring in Santa hats. There is also a random guy with them wearing an elf hat. Crew members distribute Santa hats to everybody in the crowd. Triple H and Stephanie discuss Christmas and wish everybody a happy holidays when Randy Orton comes out. His Christmas present is that he has the night off. Segment ends with Kane setting off his ring pyro.

– Jingle Belles Match: Total Divas divas def. Not Total Divas divas when Natalya forces Aksana to submit to a Sharpshooter. AJ Lee sat at the commentary table. The divas were dressed as Santas, elves, and reindeer. Participants were: Bellas, Natalya, Eva Marie, the Funkadactyls, Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Aksana, Vickie Guerrero, Alicia Fox and Tamina.

– Sin Cara def. Curtis Axel with a Swanton Bomb.

– Wyatt Family def. Goldust, Cody Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan. Crowd was the hottest for this match, and Bryan got a huge reaction. Good, long tag match that went around 20 minutes. Wyatt pins Bryan and then the family escapes to the rocking chair as the Rhodeses try to make the save.

– Renee Young hosts a Christmas Carol singing contest between Great Khali, Santino, Jinder Mahal, Drew MacIntyre, R-Truth and Xavier Woods. I used this as a bathroom break, so apologies if I missed anything important that went down.

– Fandango (with Summer Rae) def. Dolph Ziggler in a Present on a Pole match. The pole was decorated as a candy cane. The present was a shot at the Intercontinental Title on the December 30 Raw.

– The Usos def. the Primetime Players. Before the match Titus goes over the PTP’s Christmas wishes and Darren Young says he’s in Houston, not Austin. Lots of boos and a “Houston Sucks” chant, and Darren knows he messed up. Usos get the pin on Young and all four do the Millions of Dollars dance post match.

– Good Santa (Mark Henry) def. Bad Santa (Damien Sandow) in the Battle for Christmas. Sandow came out to the old Xanta Klaus theme. A glorified hardcore match. Sandow tries several times to use a fire extinguisher but cannot set it off. Henry unwraps a toilet and gives Sandow a swirlie. Henry wins with the World Strongest Slam and unwraps jingle bells and Christmas cupcakes afterwards. He throws the cupcakes in Sandow’s face.

– Los Matadores (with Torito) def. the Real Americans (with Zeb Colter) when one of the Matadores pinned Swagger. Torito speared Cesaro on the outside at one point.

– Ryback def. Kofi Kingston with the Shellshock

– CM Punk, Big E Langston and John Cena cut a coked out 80’s style promo on the Shield in the back. Meanwhile the Shield cut their own promo discussing how they dominated 2013 and will dominate in 2014 as well.

– #badnewsbarrett comes to ringside and he has good news for us. He has spent all day collecting money for charity dressed as a Salvation Army guy. However he also has bad news for us: he isn’t affiliated with any charities so he will be keeping all of the money he raised.

– Promo for New Year’s Raw featuring Big Show as the New Year’s baby. He squirts milk from a bottle on a stagehand and is handed a giant pacifier.

– CM Punk, John Cena and Big E Langston and The Shield wrestled to a No Contest when the referee threw the match out. Punk seemed upset with the crowd; as they did the usual dueling chants for Cena, he yelled “I know you hate Cena but if you don’t stop booing him you won’t get me or Big E.” Referee finally throws the match out after losing control of the match. The faces hit their finishers and celebrate. At some point after the cameras stop rolling Cena is left alone in the ring and Randy Orton attacks him and says he’s getting a rematch now.

Dark Main Event: John Cena def. Randy Orton by DQ when Orton hit Cena with the title belts. Cena hits the AA and Orton flees.

Cena then calls out a stagehand who is one of his road buddies and is celebrating his 50th birthday. Cena gets the crowd to sing Happy Birthday and the crowd goes home happy.

Total time of the event was around 4 hours. No backstage segments were shown other than what we saw from Shield and Cena/Big E/Punk.

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