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Total Divas: Season Finale 12/15/13





Total Divas started off with Brie and Nikki backstage at Raw. Nikki thinks she is pregnant and so she takes a pregnancy test. Her test comes back with a No.

We now see Nattie and TJ in a hotel room and TJ is trying to get Nattie up. Nattie said she feels horrible and got a text from Stephanie and said she will talk to her at Raw about all her voicemails. They show photo age of the Divas partying.

We see Natalya backstage with Senior Director. Nattie called Stephanie McMahon drunk last night. Nattie is so scared and thinks she is going to get fired. They tell her she made her bed, now she has to sleep in it.

We see Eva Marie has her debut match on raw. it’s a 6 divas match. They show highlights of the Match and show.
They show Concord Ca and its Eva Marie and her Fiancée Jonathan. They are on their way to her family’s to ask her parents for his blessing. Her family has never met him nor know they are even engaged. They show her mom. Her mom says she should be nervous.

Nikki is shown with all her friends, she said John flew them in to visit. Her friends think she is lying when it comes to not having kids.

Eva Marie is shown with her boyfriend and her Dad Barry is there. Her brothers are there as well. They pray over the dinner. They start really questioning everything. She says they are going to wait til tomorrow to break the engagement news.


We see Daniel and Brie in the airport and they are getting away for a while together. They are in the wilderness and have a beautiful place to stay in.

We now see John and all Nikki s friends coming down stairs. They are in a limo and have champagne. He is taking them all to dinner. They bring up kids in front of john and now she is nervous. They are asking John and he says no. He explains why he doesn’t want children. Then her friends bring up Marriage.

We go back to Concord CA to Eva and her family. They are outside eating breakfast and they bring up the engagement. He asks her dad to marry her. Her dad is very upset and says this is a big deal. Her dad is more upset that she is already engaged and he said No, Flat NO!


We are back with Eva and her family. Her mom says if you come to me and say your getting a divorce, you will not be allowed back in this house. She is shocked and heartbroken and they just go and get their stuff and leave. Her mom comes to the car and asks her to not leave like this, So they leave. Now are they are planning on their wedding.

Brie and Daniel start walking on a trail. They are just watching the outdoors and how beautiful it is. Then Daniel tells her its been 2 years 7 months and 10 days since the first time we kissed. He says I love you and he gets on his knee. He asks her to make him the luckiest man alive and marry him. She says yes and starts to cry then they kiss. She says this is the greatest day of my life. He made a romantic night for them. He has a band in the middle of no where with a table and chairs and food. He had all their families there to celebrate with them. Bryan is shown talking to Nikki and setting it up.

Nikki is talking to her mom about how she wishes this could happen for her. She also really wants children and her mom tells her to voice her opinion to John.


They are back and Daniel and Brie are backstage, he tells her have fun showing off her ring. Nattie is backstage with the divas. They find out she drunk dialed Stephanie and they are laughing. Brie tells her to go find her and just talk to her. Brie is showing off her ring now and they girls love it. We see Nikki is now with the Doctor and She is now cleared from WWE so she can wrestle again.

Johnny Curtis is talking to Nattie now and she asks if he has seen her. He said what did u make out with her lol. Nattie tells him and he laughes, he tells her to go find her. We go to the Ring and see Daniel Bryan going to the ring. Randy and Bryan fight in the ring and we see her coming down to Bryan.

Now we see Nattie with Stephanie McMahon and she says she got all her voicemails. She plays them for Natalya to hear. Natalya starts to get really upset, she said she can hear herself start getting more and more drunk.


We are back and see Steph with Nattie and they are still listening to the Voicemails. She listens to the Voicemails and she hears herself say she quits WWE. She tells her she has no doubt she will be Champion again, and she gives Nattie a hug and tells her to get out of here and go to work. She said she is saving those though lol

We now see the Bella Twins coming to the ring with Eva Marie. They show a Raw match with the Divas. Eva Marie rolls up Tamina and wins her first match.

We go to Orlando FL and see Eva and her Fiancée Jonathan. Before we get more info we go to Commercial break


Eva tells Jonathan she tells him that she has to work a lot of days and she wants to wait to get married. He says he will wait but he really does want to marry her.

We now see Cena and Nikki and they are drinking wine and talking. She is about to start talking to John about Marriage. She says she does want to be a mom. He says he cant give her that.


We are back at Cena’s place and they replay what he said. She tells him she felt he just needed to know. He said he really doesn’t want to be a dad and doesn’t want to get married. He says he loves her but he doesn’t want marriage and he doesn’t want kids. She tells him she needs to re think things. She said it might have been a mistake to move here.

To Be Continued:

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  1. mackdeezy says:

    At least John is being honest. But I still can’t believe they make this show

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