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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Coverage: Tag Team Championship Match

WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback vs. The Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs. The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger) (w/Zeb Colter)

Ryback and Rhodes start the match. Ryback powers Rhodes down to the mat, but Rhodes comes back with an uppercut. Ryback sends Rhodes to the corner, but Rhodes fights out and delivers a dropkick to Ryback. Rhodes tags in Goldust, who goes to work on Ryback. Ryback gets away and tags in Axel, who delivers a beautiful dropkick to Goldust. Axel runs the ropes, but Goldust takes him down with a dropkick of his own. Goldust drops a knee across Axel’s chest. Show makes a blind tag on Goldust and comes into the ring and slams Axel down to the mat. Show chops Axel’s chest and the crowd chants “One More Time!” Show chops Axel again and the crowd chants it again. Show chops Axel again, and Axel falls to the mat. Show tags in Mysterio, who kicks Axel in the midsection. Axel comes back and slams Mysterio down to the mat and then tags in Ryback. Ryback slams Mysterio down and goes for the cover, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Ryback slams Mysterio into the corner and tags in Axel. Axel and Mysterio run the rops and both go for a cross-body at the same time. They collide and both men are down in the ring. Axel gets to his feet and tags in Ryback. Goldust tags in and drops Ryback with a clothesline. Goldust drops Ryback with a spine-buster, but Ryback comes back and kicks Goldust down to the mat. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Goldust reverses and rolls up Ryback and gets the pin fall.
Ryback and Curtis Axel have been eliminated.
Cesaro gets into the ring and beats down Goldust as the crowd chants “We the People!” Cesaro tags in Swagger, who applies a headlock to Goldust. Swagger backs Goldust into the corner and tags in Cesaro. On the outside, Swagger delivers a clothesline to Goldust. Back in the ring, Swagger tags in Cesaro. Cesaro slams Goldust down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Goldust fights back, but Cesaro delivers a headbutt. Cesaro tags in Swagger, who chokes Goldust over the middle rope. Swagger applies a bear-hug in the middle of the ring, but Goldust fights his way out. Goldust gets a roll-up on Swagger, but Swagger kicks out at two. Goldust takes Swagger down with a springboard back elbow. Cesaro tags in and gets Goldust in the Cesaro Swing. Swagger tags in and slams Goldust to the mat, but Rhodes breaks up the pin attempt. Cesaro tags back in and delivers a headbutt and goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Cesaro locks in a headlock, but Goldust counters and slams Cesaro down to the mat. Goldust sends Swagger to the outside and goes for the tag on Rhodes, but Swagger pulls Rhodes off the ropes. Show slams Swagger over the barricade on the outside as Rhodes grabs his knee. Cesaro knocks Mysterio off the apron, but Goldust plants him. Goldust tags in Show. Show slams Cesaro down to the mat and splashes him in the corner. Show takes Cesaro down with a shoulder block and goes for the Chokeslam. Show delivers a KO Punch to both Cesaro and Swagger. Show pins Cesaro for the elimination.
The Real Americans have been eliminated.
Show helps Goldust to his feet and makes sure he is okay before restarting the match. Show sends Goldust to the outside and Rhodes checks on him. Goldust sends him away and Show gets Goldust back into the ring. Goldust counters and delivers a cross-body to Show from the top rope. Goldust goes for the cover, but Show kicks out at two. Goldust finally tags in Rhodes. Rhodes and Goldust deliver a double-DDT to Show. Rhodes goes for the cover, but Show kicks out at two. Rhodes goes for the Disaster Kick, but Show knocks him out in mid-air. Show tags in Mysterio. Mysterio takes Rhodes down and then kicks him in the head. Mysterio goes for the cover, but Rhodes kicks out at two. Rhodes comes back and delivers the Disaster Kick and goes for the cover, but Mysterio kicks out at two. Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes, but Mysterio sends him into the ropes. Goldust goes after Mysterio, but Mysterio counters and delivers the 6-1-9 to Goldust. Show slams Goldust into the barricade. Rhodes comes off the top rope, but Mysterio counters with a powerbomb. Mysterio goes for the cover, but Rhodes kicks out at two as the crowd chants “This is Awesome!”
Rhodes goes for Cross Rhodes, but Mysterio sends him into the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 6-1-9, but Rhodes counters and goes for the Alabama Slam. Mysterio rolls through and goes for a roll-up, but Rhodes counters. Rhodes delivers the Cross Rhodes to Mysterio and gets the pin fall.
Rey Mysterio and The Big Show have been eliminated.
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Goldust.
After the match, all four men shake hands before Mysterio and Show leave the ring.

We see The Prime Time Players backstage. Darren Young says he spoke to The Rock yesterday, and he pulls out a Rock Brawlin’ Buddy. Titus O’Neil pulls out a John Cena Brawlin’ Buddy. The Great Khali walks up and asks for a Triple Threat Match. He has a Sheamus Brawlin’ Buddy, and then Los Matadores walk in with a Brodus Clay Brawlin’ Buddy. Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero walk in and take the Clay and Cena Brawlin’ Buddies. They fight with them, and Kane’s music hits. He stars at them and they run away. He picks up the Cena and Clay Brawlin’ Buddies and then destroys the Cena one with the Clay one.

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  1. LOL says:

    Dolphins1925 was wrong about this match picking real American very butthurt he replied:

    “Misinformation I received from my source. Congrats to WWE. I am done for the night. Wyatt family defeats Bryan is final result I was given.”

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