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ROH Final Battle Results (Chris Hero returns)

Via Sean Banner:

– Matt Hardy beat Adam Page in 7:16 with a Twist of Fate.

– Silas Young beat Mark Briscoe in 9:15 in a strap match by touching all four corners.

– The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) beat Adrenaline Rush (ACH and Tadarius Thomas) in 12:27 with More Bang for your Buck.

– In a Stretcher Match, Kevin Steen beat Michael Bennett in 16:42 via referee stoppage after a package piledriver through a chair. Michael Bennett can no longer use the piledriver in ROH. Post match Maria slapped Steen and Steen Package Piledrived Maria.

– Intermission ROH comes back to NYC 5/17.

– Prince Nana out. Talks about his position as Talent Scout. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish out. Talk about Eddie Kingston and Homicide. They jump Nana. King ston and Homicide out.

– Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish beat Eddie Kingston and Homicide in 14:56 via Fish chairshot in a O’Reilly suplex.

– Tomasso Ciampa beat Matt Taven via Rings of Saturn in 4:22 to win the ROH TV Title.

– BJ Whitmer and Eddie Edwards beat Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong in 16:16 via Edwards O’Connor Roll on Strong. Post match Lethal tells Edwards he will be missed and is respected. Edwards promo thanking Cary Silkin and the fans. Edwards also pays respect to Whitmer in his final match. Roderick Strong and Whitmer turn on Edwards and jump him. Jimmy Jacobs out to put down Edwards and then spikes him.

– Adam Cole defeated Jay Briscoe and Michael Elgin in a three way dance in 33:54 to retain the ROH title. Mid match Matt Hardy interfered on behalf of Cole . Mark Briscoe made the save. Post match beatdown by Cole and Hardy. Chris Hero out to make the save. Chris Hero promo announcing he is back.

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  1. John Bash says:

    I was there last night and it was awesome. Hero got the loudest pop, Matt Hardy got the most heat. The matt hardy match and the tag title match were the most boring matches. The other matches was great.

  2. Big Fudge says:

    I beg to differ John Bash I was there as well and hardys match wasn’t boring. The match was well paced, hardy is a vet and knows what hes doing and worked well with page it had great spots and it was a great match to kick off the event. I can tell you this kevin steens match was match of the night hands down and for me at least steens match plus that 10 min intermission drained me to were it made it even worse to watch the tag title match. The tv title match was a nice quick match for the title change. The tag match with eddie edwards and bj for me it wasnt an interesting match cause I didnt know the story line to it final battle was my first time to roh event and actually watching it i follow roh a little cause I dont have the availability to watch the weekly tv nor ppv. I did know the world title story so I was into that witch was a great triple threat a great to the match to lead up to a great ending to final batle where hero returns

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