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Thanks for all last week’s entries, we begin with that answer:

Q) Who shared Michael Cole’s first on-screen appearance for the then WWF?

A) Stone Cold Steve Austin. Cole attempted to interview Austin ahead of his match with Owen Hart

Congratulations to all those who answered correctly. MC Live still leads the way, but Andrew Davis is breathing down his neck. Still a long way to go though. Now onto this week’s question


Rob Van Dam held the ECW Television Title for a whopping 700 days between 1998 and 2000. He defended the title at 7 different pay-per-view events during that time. Can you name who he squared off against in those matches? (Hint: there are 5 in total). Good luck!

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  1. miztreated says:

    Sabu (Wrestlepalooza 1998 and Guilty As Charged 2000)
    Lance Storm (Guilty As Charged 1999)
    Jerry Lynn (Living Dangerously and Hardcore Heaven 1999)
    Balls Mahoney (Anarchy Rulz 1999)
    Taz (November To Remember 1999)

  2. Montez says:

    Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, Balls Mahoney, Taz, and Sabu.

  3. Dan Lovato says:

    Lance Storm at Guilty as Charged,Jerry Lynn at Crossing the Line, Balls Mahoney at Anarchy Rulz, and 2 Cold Scorpio at CyberSlam, Rhyno , Sabu Guilty as charged 2000

  4. Andrew Davis says:

    Sabu: WrestlePalooza 1998
    Lance Storm: Guilty as charged 1999
    Jerry Lynn: Crossing the Line 1999 & Living Dangerously 1999, & Hardcore Heaven
    Ballz Mahoney: Hostile city Showdown 1999 & Anarchy Rulz 1999
    Taz: November to Remember 19999

  5. MC Live says:

    Jerry Lynn, Balls Mahoney, Lance Storm, Taz, and Sabu

  6. vivian says:

    Sabu, Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm, Balls Mahoney, Taz

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