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Who Is the Most Underrated Superstar in WWE has a piece up looking at the most underrated superstars in the WWE.

Classifying a performer as underrated has always been a tricky thing. What does it mean exactly? Who’s doing the underrating? And if the rating is based on popular opinion, isn’t that the only rating that matters?

Not really. If the majority vote was always on point, Miley Cyrus wouldn’t have been a runner-up for TIME’s “Person of the Year.” Fact is, the greats aren’t always appreciated in their time, which is why a few of the editors at rallied behind Superstars who they believed to be overlooked in a variety of ways — whether it be as entertainers, in-ring technicians or main event stars.

Things shift drastically in WWE. Two decades ago, people were calling Steve Austin underrated. That changed, of course, and it may change for these competitors, too. But, for now, they are the most underrated Superstars in WWE.

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  1. Raffael says:

    So yeah, I guess John Cena is underrated. Cool story, bro.

  2. Brett says:

    William. Regal. End of story.

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