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12/13 SmackDown Results


Daniel Bryan def. Erick Rowan
The opening match seemed to be over fast as Daniel Bryan pulls out all the high flying stops against Eric Rowan and ensuring the Wyatt counterpart Luke Harper wouldn’t become a factor. He concluded his victory by blasting the Wyatt leader in his rocking chair! Bray gets “rocked” out of his rocking chair and crawls to his feet as Bryan exits the arena.

The Real Americans def. Cody Rhodes and Goldust
As Colter and the Real Americans enter the ring, Zeb explains to the crowd what happened to him on a walk around this “godforsaken” town. He explains how a big bearded man walked up to him and said “feliz navidad”. He tells the WWE Universe this makes the man an illegal alien to him.
The Real Americans hold up well against Goldust and Cody. They ultimately earn themselves a victory. Cody Rhodes becomes distracted by Jack Swagger allowing Cesaro to get the victory with a European Uppercut.

Mark Henry def. Damien Sandow
Mark Henry attempts to knock the wind of Sandow in the corner at the start of this match but takes a boot to the face. He later returns to favor and makes Sandow eat his large boot showing his big man flexibility. Sandow tries to escape and wash his hands of the match but is returned to his rightful place in the ring by Big E Langston. Henry delivers a clothesline and shoves Sandow who knocks Big E Langston onto the floor. Sandow takes that opportunity to escape as an angry Big E Langston attempts to charge after him. The match ends by count-out as Sandow takes off into the back yelling “This Sunday!”

AJ and Tamina def. The Bella Twins
Tamina starting off the match against Nikki before tagging in AJ. AJ tries to put Nikki to sleep using her small size to hang onto the Bella’s back. She gets knocked off into the ring post and Nikki tags in Brie. Brie powering through AJ and knocking her down. Tamina makes the save and some confusion reigns as AJ pushes Brie into Nikki. With her partner unable to make the save Brie is forced to tap to the black widow.

John Cena Promo
John Cena comes to the ring for a brief promo telling everyone he will show everyone that Randy Orton just doesn’t have the “nuts” to beat him at TLC.

The Shield def. The Usos
This back and forth battle of wills between two big time tag teams has been seen many times but only seems to get more physically aggressive. As Dean Ambrose helps call the action at the announce desk the action inventively spills to the outside of the ring. Roman Reigns delivers a massive hard spear to Jimmy Uso..sending him flying and holding his shoulder. Rollins takes the opportunity to attack Jay Uso, stomping him relentlessly. The referees count starts as both Usos don’t look like they’ll be able to struggle to their feat. Jey manages to roll back in but is still down. Rollins takes the opportunity to mock CM Punk’s finisher and laughs happily. He then hoists Jey onto his shoulders and tosses him into the air for him to receive Roman Reigns’s spear.
CM Punk shows up after the match is over via-jumbotron promo Shield style to tell them he will take down as many of them as he can as he walks into the odds being against him on TLC. Punk also notes he thinks he has found the weaknesses of each member in their past matches.

TLC Match Announcement
Following this match there is announcement regarding the tag team titles at TLC. They will now be defended in a fatal four-way contest between: the Rhodes Brothers, Mysterio/Big Show, Ryback/Axel and the Real Americans.

Big Show def. Ryback with Mysterio and Axel at ringside
Big Show attempts to gain momentum at the beginning of the match by whipping Ryback into the corner and trying to squash him. Ryback battles back with some offense and uses his freakish strength to power-slam the Big Show! Rey Mysterio stops Curtis Axel from throwing off the match with a 619! It would not be Ryback’s night though as Big Show catches him for the big choke-slam and the win.

Bray Wyatt Promo
Bray Wyatt appears on screen soon after this match appearing to be a bit distraught. He states that he stuck his neck out on the line but it was not to be. The leader of the bizarre family group then “cries” on Harper’s shoulder. He ends this bizarre as usual promo by singing a very off lullaby which he says he sings to all his pets before he has the put down.

Miz Attacks Kingston
Kofi Kingston attempts to come down to the ring to face Alberto Del Rio but the Miz savagely attacks him just after he hands off a special piece of gear to a young fan. Kingston does not return to his feet and the match never takes place.

Randy Orton’s Apology
Randy Orton shows HHH all the footage of Stephanie McMahon getting knocked down. But HHH says he doesn’t need to see the footage as he has seen it several times. He decides just this ONE time he will accept Orton’s apology.
When Orton questions HHH on whether he has a secret union with John Cena (as Cena stood with the authority figures last week on Raw) and HHH simply chose to respond by saying the authority knows where their loyalty lies.

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