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Dec 13, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 747 that will be aired in Louisville on 12/14 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/747

OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus recap the past weekend’s Saturday Night Special which had a heaping helping of controversy. Among the items mentioned: The Body Guy defeated Lei’d Tapa to win the OVW Ladies Championship, Flash Flanagan and Paredyse got a victory over two of the Marauders but the other three joined in for a “sore loser attack”, the Mobile Homer Bookies won the tag titles by unsavory means, and although Jamin Olivencia finally defeated Johnny Spade to win the vacant OVW Championship, he didn’t get his five minutes alone with Timmy Danger since he was immediately attacked by Marcus Anthony!

OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude introduces Anthony and Danger as they come out to the ring. Danger (who is walking, BTW) doesn’t care much for Shannon’s introduction so he takes the mic and does it himself. Danger calls himself “The Career Ender Timmy Rampage Danger” but does not call Anthony the “Strongest Gamer Alive”. He also informs Jamin that tonight they will finish what they started at SNS!

Match #1: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe is in charge of this non-title match. After some boxing to start, Anthony slings Jamin off of a waistlock. Jamin armdrags but his second one is blocked and he gets shoved into the ropes. Jamin gets distracted by Danger, which allows Anthony to splash him and squeeze his head between Anthony’s forearms. Jamin fights out but Anthony squashes him in the corner and reapplies the hold. Jamin chops himself free but Anthony lariats him and clamps on a cobra clutch as we go to break.
We return to see Jamin up swinging until he misses a charge and hits the corner. Anthony chokes Jamin in the ropes and pounds away on him for a bit. Anthony whips Jamin into the corner but Jamin launches himself off and hits a missile dropkick followed by a jumping lariat for 2 1/2. Jamin goes for the Standing O but Anthony blocks it. Jamin then hits a DDT and covers but Danger comes in and breaks up the count for the DQ.
Jamin goes after Danger, chasing him in and out of the ring before finally catching him and rolling him back into the ring. Jamin backs Danger to a corner but Anthony comes up from behind and locks in a full nelson (Titus calls it the “Crimson Omen”), swinging Jamin around before dropping him on the mat and leaving him lying.

Body Guy and Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus decided to assert themselves and enter the “Diva’s Locker Room”. Jessie Belle and Brittany Devore yell at them to get out and they retreat. Body Guy blames Melvin for this, lol.

Match #2: “Mr. Pec-tacular” ™ Jessie Godderz vs OUR OVW TV Champion Paredyse
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this title match. Gilbert notes that Godderz won this opportunity in a triple threat match at SNS, defeating “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond and “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe. Godderz offers a handshake but Paredyse hugs him. After some chain wrestling, Godderz takes Paredyse down to the mat then hiptosses him after he gets back up. Titus brings up the $1000 per successful TV title defense while Gilbert adds that the TV champ is the most fighting champ in OVW, defending the title constantly while also making public appearances. Dean mentions that the next SNS will be on 1/4/14. Meanwhile back at the match, Paredyse escapes a headlock by grabbing Godderz’ butt then ducks a lariat and smacks him on the butt again, which leads to a “Jessie liked it” chant from the crowd. Godderz catches Paredyse off the ropes, presses him overhead, and slams him to the mat. Godderz dropkicks Paredyse for 2 as we go to break.
We return to see Godderz suplexing Paredyse for 2 before backing him to the corner. Godderz runs into an elbow but Paredyse whiffs on a legdrop and Godderz goes for an abdominal stretch. Paredyse gets himself free and sunset flips Godderz for 2 but gets dropkicked. Godderz clamps on a bodyscissors then reapplies the abdominal stretch. Paredyse’s arm drops twice but stays up the third time and he shoves Godderz into the corner. After making Godderz miss a dropkick, Paredyse gives him the “Keister to the Kisser” then dropkicks Godderz into the corner. Godderz boots Paredyse in the ribs then slams him. Godderz sets up for the Pec-tacular Press but Paredyse slides off and DDTs him, draping an arm over him for 2.999! Godderz powerslams Paredyse for 2 3/4 then stomps him but misses on a frog splash. Paredyse hits a neckbreaker for 2 and pulls Godderz back up but receives an enziguri! JG dawdles a bit before a Pec-tacular Press leaves Paredyse draped across the corner. Godderz climbs up and attempts a superplex but Paredyse gives him the Kiss of Death and pushes him off. Paredyse hits his version of Traci Brooks’ Pie in the Sky on Godderz for the pin.

The Slimy Jerks (Evan Markopolis & Dylan Bostic) are in the back along with OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn, who is in a flowery bikini. The Jerks have convinced her that she needs to wear it for career advancement purposes. The Jerks drop a water bottle on the floor and take pictures while Ray Lynn bends over to pick it up. Body Guy and Melvin come up to suggest that the Jerks throw him a sweet kegger for winning the ladies’ title. The Jerks laugh at him, saying they dominate women in a different way than he does, plus he’s not even a girl. They point out that Ray Lynn is dumb, but even she knows that! Ray Lynn agrees with them!

“Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley comes out as Gilbert tells us that Bradley has been on a tour of the Orient. Bradley says he was over there for 18 days and encountered one person that spoke English. They were forced to tag together and ended up going unbeaten in their 18 matches on the tour. He said this person was a former enemy! He then brings out “Welsh Colossus” Rob Terry! Dean and Gilbert are flabbergasted!!

Match #3: Jay Bradley & Rob Terry vs Double Platinum (Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe)
Howe plays his guitar solo in the entrance. Sharpe is the official here. Bradley shoves Spud to start but the Platinums are able to tag in and out quickly, doing a lot of sticking and moving. Howe ends up getting dragged to the wrong corner and worked over until Terry slings him into the Platinum corner, where Spud tags in. Terry overhead presses Spud before dropping him face first to the mat. Bradley comes in and Spud jumps on his back and goes for a sleeper but gets thrown off. Howe comes off the ropes and does a dropping uppercut on Bradley then comes off with a crossbody but Bradley catches him. Spud comes in and dropkicks them down and Howe gets a quick cover. The Platinums double dropkick Bradley to the corner but Terry comes in and bangs their heads together, Spud gets chucked out of the ring, leading to Terry and Bradley giving Howe a double running powerslam for the pin.
So apparently Terry & Bradley are now 19-0 as a team. Dean says Bradley just hit the lottery!

A clip is shown from the tag title match at SNS between the Mobile Homer Bookies (Adam Revolver & “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler) (w/Brittany Devore) and then-champs Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes. The clip starts as McNaler is laid out in the ring with Ashcraft and Vaez helping him up to his feet to take him to the back. All of a sudden, Revolver shoves Hayes out through the ropes and McNaler miraculously heals as he small packages Vaez for the pin and the titles!
The new champs Mobile Homer Bookies are in the back. Revolver says they won fair and square and perfectly within the rules. McNaler say they are champs and Hayes & Vaez are chumps. Body Guy and Melvin walk up and Body Guy says that now he is a champion too, as he dominated Tapa to win the ladies’ title. McNaler tells him to be careful because Brittany might beat him. Body Guy says that is nonsense as he and Melvin walk off. Revolver says those guys are bigger schmucks than Vaez & Hayes, who just happen to walk up right then. Revolver says Hayes & Vaez made a stupid bet although he appreciates the clean competition. Vaez admits he never imagined they would fake an injury to win the tag titles! McNaler says there are no rules against being stupid and Revolver implies that Vaez & Hayes will have to wait their turn to get a title shot although he wouldn’t bet on it! Vaez holds Hayes back and tells him it’ll be all right.

Match #4: Shiloh Jonze vs Flash Flanagan
Jonze comes out in regular trunks (as opposed to camo pants) and is also alone. Flash has a blue kendo stick as Ashcraft calls for the bell although Jonze has already attacked Flash. Jonze chokes Flash in the ropes then hits a guillotine legdrop. Jonze runs into a Flash elbow and gets his head banged into the turnbuckle but responds with the Eyepoke Of Doom! Jonze chopblocks Flash as we go to break.
We return to see Jonze raking the face, choking, and chopping until Flash turns him around and does some chopping of his own. Dean says Flash learned the art of chopping from Hustler Rip Rogers! Flash backdrops Jonze but gets pulled down, allowing Jonze to work the knee that he had previously chopblocked. Jonze steps up to the second turnbuckle, pulls his kneepad down, but misses a kneedrop. Flash slams Jonze and pounds on his noggin for a bit. Flash whips Jonze into the corner and Jonze misses a leapfrog. Flash neckbreakers Jonze and covers but the other Marauders (Raul Lamotta, Clint Poe, Nick Dumeyer, and Masked Marauder) run out to attack Flash for the DQ!
It’s a five-on-one attack until Trailer Park Trash runs out with a non-colored kendo stick. He hits Lamotta with the stick and runs off Jonze and the other Marauders. TPT stands tall in the ring as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: There was plenty going on as some reshuffling happened as a result of SNS. I really didn’t care for Body Guy being ladies’ champion but they are making up for that with him being ridiculed by the other wrestlers for doing so. Could Brittany become the next ladies’ champ? She would have a lot of people betting on her:) Since there was no sign of Spade, has Danger killed his career too? Paredyse and Godderz went over fifteen minutes but it wasn’t dull by any means. Looks like Vaez would have at least had red flags go up with the shenanigans from the Mobile Homer Bookies the last few weeks. We started out 2013 with Flash and Trash, so it seems fitting we will end 2013 the same way albeit in an alliance (maybe). The hour seemed to fly by as I enjoyed this (despite there being less female participation than I would have liked), so this gets a thumbs up.

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