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Armando Estrada buries TNA

Armando Estrada buries TNA via Twitter:

“Why would a wrestler want to participate in a match where u have a 25% chance of being fired? Doesnt make sense. The risk is too high. #TNA Especially if a top guy grabs a briefcase. If u were a former world champ and u grabbed a tag title briefcase, is that really fulfilling? If you want to make it more believable, add two briefcases ( TV title and a 2nd tag title). Now you reduce the odds of someone getting fired. And why are there enhancement guys in the same match with your stars? That would be like WWE putting Cena, Punk in the MITB with 3MB or JTG. Does not make sense on so many levels. And I would like nothing more than there to be a viable #2 promotion. Please re-evalute your product.”

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  1. N. Gaijin says:

    Hard to call it a burial – he’s making legit criticisms. A burial would be more like if he were saying nothing positive at all, and just trying to trash the promotion.

  2. Brian says:

    He knows this is scripted, right?

  3. Really? says:

    He’s got a point, but it’s a very minor one. Most of his criticisms can be at least partially explained away. The 25% odds are only if you are one of the four guys who even manage to grab a briefcase. It’s not like it’s a 4 way match. On top of that, there weren’t any current main eventers in the match for a reason. No, it wouldn’t make sense for someone already in line for a world title match to take that kind of risk. That’s why there is a mix of jobbers and guys who have slid down the ladder a bit and want back in the main event. Also acting like having enhancement talents in there with upper midcarders (since there weren’t actually any current main eventers) wouldn’t be like John Cena being in there with 3MB in Money in the Bank, it would be like him being in there with them in the Royal Rumble…which he probably will be.

  4. Ian says:

    @Brian…that was my thought exactly.

  5. LOL says:

    Escucha Me! TNA Escucha Me!

  6. Big Travis says:

    Agreed Estrada

  7. Aster says:

    Armando Estrada: “IT’S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!!”

  8. Scott Grady says:

    The fact is, you have to attempt to book a match as realistically as possible. With Money In The Bank, it’s a contract that can be used for a shot at either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title anytime the holder wants. So, everyone in the match naturally wants to win. All the pain they suffer and any injury they incur is worth it for the chance to possibly sneak in take the title. Very simple concept.

    With Feast or Fired, you have guys beating the hell out of each other for one out of four briefcases. While the X-Division and Tag Titles may seem like a consolation prize when compared to the TNA Title, it’s still a championship opportunity. Plus, with “Option C”, the X-Division is a guaranteed TNA Title shot at Destination X. However, the briefcase that fires someone means you risked your life just to lose your job. Would you participate in a contest at work where you could lose your job even if there was a high reward(promotion, raise, extended benefits, etc.)?

  9. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    Preach it Armando!

  10. JDBJJ says:

    I’ll take “things disgruntled ex wrestlers say” for $200 Alex

  11. Matt says:

    That’s why in the first one they had Chris Harris making that exact point where he stood on the ramp for most of the match saying it wasn’t worth the risk.

    Which is a logic viewpoint, but at the same time competing in it is not? Are some people trying to suggest no one would ever compete in something knowing there’s a chance you’ll be fired if you win?

    I find that statement not that competent, a world title means a lot in a wrestling organization, the more logical sense is to have BOTH types of wrestlers. Which the very first Feast or Fired match DID have.

    To me the fact no one else questions it is more bothersome than the majority don’t. Just having a heel refuse to compete in the match backstage in an interview is more than enough to make it flow, but TNA doesn’t really bother with that and have everyone just fine with the chance they could get fired. Which really isn’t that big of a issue.

  12. AJ Cooper says:

    @Mr. Anti-TNA

    Shut your mouth. No one wants to hear your worthless opinion.

  13. TheCrock says:

    @AJ Cooper

    The millions want to hear your meaningful opinion. Go Now!

    …….And millions of the coops fans

  14. TheCrock says:


    And hey there goes Andre The Giant & Umaga.

  15. T says:

    Yes I would as I see it as a 75% to improve my current position in the company. Provided I got the case in the match.

  16. MC Live says:

    I am continually blown away by the stupidity I see on here. He’s not bitter, and he knows it’s scripted. He’s being logical. Which is something TNA never does. The match doesn’t make sense on all the levels he mentioned. TNA is not competition to WWE, and at the rate they’re going, they never will be. There’s just too many flaws in their product. Also, at least the money in the bank briefcase is 12 for 14 on cash ins. Nobody from feast or fired has ever won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The Feast of Fired is 5 for 9, but that’s only X Division and Tag Titles. The money in the bank means something. It’s actually a valuable prize. The Feast or Fired means nothing. Who actually gives a crap about it? Realistically, why would I risk my job for something that leaves me with a 50/50 chance of success at a non-World title, only if I don’t get fired. It’s stupid. It’s a blatant MiTB rip off, and it doesn’t even get done right. But, that’s just typical TNA. Doing it wrong. And anyone that complains about Estrada being bitter, hey, he’s actually worked for the biggest wrestling company in the world. He should know a thing or two about how wrestling works. The rest of us are just fans with a computer.

  17. Big Fudge says:

    The whole fire thing is a way to get someone that has their contract expiring within the week or days of the match is a way to write them off the product instead of having them disappear

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