12/12 Smackdown Recap

Dec 12, 2013 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he recaps tonight’s Impact Wrestling broadcast, which was taped at the new Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

A video package on AJ Styles winning the TNA World Championship and leaving Impact Wrestling with the title is aired. Styles’ travels to Mexico and Japan is touched upon as well as Styles sending Dixie Carter a toy belt and telling her to come and get the title back herself. Rockstar Spud is seen leaving Dixie a message as he is making his way to Styles’ home in Gainesville, GA, to get the belt back.

Jeremy Borash is standing in the ring next to a table that has four Feast or Fired briefcases on it. Borash says tonight we will see the return of Feast or Fired, however, first he is going to spin the Wheel of Dixie to determine the match stipulation of the finals of the TNA World Championship Tournament. Before Borash can spin the wheel, though, he is cut off by Kurt Angle’s music as Angle storms to the ring and tells Borash to get out.

Angle fires off at Bobby Roode and how he cost him a shot at the title and calls him out. Roode’s music hits and says he should be the one who is pissed off for being eliminated by slipping and falling through a table. Roode says he has physically and mentally broken Angle down ever since he declined his Hall of Fame induction and says he can beat him any day of the week.

Angle says he is so sure that he could beat Roode that he could do it twice in one night. Roode says he has nothing more to prove against Angle as Angle charges out of the ring and the two begin to brawl until referees and security come out to break it up. They can’t hold them apart for long as they continue to go at it and TNA agents have to come out to break it up. Roode finally gets in one last low blow to Angle, which takes him down to the canvas. Roode then tells Angle he would like to see Angle try to beat him twice in one night before challenging him to a 2 out of 3 falls match at Final Resolution.

A video package on the Bad Influence/Joseph Park saga is aired, which culminated last week with Bad Influence revealing that his law practice hasn’t been around for 13 years. We then see Park and Eric Young backstage as EY tries to get Park’s head in the game for their tag team match against Bad Influence tonight. EY tells Park to show him and everyone else what is inside of him and tells Park to trust him as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park & Eric Young
The tag team match starts as EY and Park go on the early advantage against Daniels, but Park seems to be a little reluctant to get into action. Kazarian is able to get the advantage as both he and Daniels take turns working over and wearing down Park. EY then comes in and clears Bad Influence from the ring before trying to bring some life into Park by beating him with some fists to the forehead. Park is busted open and sees his own blood, which turns Park into a monster. Park takes Kazarian down with a chokeslam and Daniels down with a Shock Treatment before finally taking Kazarian down with a Black Hole Slam for the pin fall victory.

After the match, EY grabs a microphone and says 18 months ago he started looking for Abyss and says Park can’t find him because he is Abyss. Park says that he’s not as EY leaves the ring.

An Impact365 video is aired which has Ethan Carter III getting a massage and talks about taking out another legend last week in Earl Hebner. EC3 says tonight he is going to have a Hall of Fame moment that is going to make social media explode. The announce team then hypes the Feast or Fired match as we head into a commercial break.

Ethan Carter III makes his way to the ring as the crowd begins a “Shut your mouth!” chant. EC3 says his hand picked opponent is going to blow up social media as he will be facing TNA’s social media guru, Jeremy Borash. EC3 tells Borash to get in the ring now but is cut off by Sting’s music as the Icon makes his way to the ring. Sting says he wants to shake EC3’s hand as he is a shooting star, however, EC3 has done nothing in the business but has the right last name to have the right doors open. Sting says later on tonight there will be a Feast or Fired match and take a risk, unlike what EC3 does, and tells him to man up and compete in the match – or fight Sting right now. The two stare each other down as EC3 tells him that Sting is on. Sting gets ready to wrestle, however, EC3 says he will compete in Feast or Fired.

Rockstar Spud is seen pulling up to a gas station and tries to get directions to find AJ Styles. The attendent tells Spud that he knows his buddies usually drink at a bar a mile down the road as Spud heads in that direction. The announce team hype a face to face meeting between Jeff Hardy and Magnus and the Feast or Fired match as we head into a commercial break.

Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa are standing in the ring as Gail says it’s time for another open challenge. Gail says the past challengers have been a little weak and tells the next person to come on out. ODB’s music hits and makes her way to the ring. Gail says she is looking for better competition and she has beaten ODB over and over again. ODB says she isn’t out there to kick Gail’s but, but Lei’d Tapa’s. ODB then goes after Lei’d and is about to take her down with a fallaway slam, but Gail clips her from behind. The two then beat ODB down until a woman with red hair comes out. It is revealed to be Madison Rayne, who helps ODB clear the ring of Gail and Lei’d. Madison then asks Gail if she remembers her and celebrates in the ring with ODB.

Rockstar Spud is seen in the local watering hole and talks to the bartender to try to get information on the whereabouts of AJ Styles, but the bartender won’t talk until he orders a drink. Spud then orders a complicated drink and all he gets is a beer with a lemon in it. The announce team then hypes the Feast or Fired match as we head into a commercial break.

We return to Rockstar Spud’s time in the bar and takes over the band microphone and announces that he is looking for Allen Jones, or AJ Styles. The bar patrons want him to sing a song as the band starts playing God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols. Spud gets into it until the microphone is taken away from him and he is kicked out of the bar.

A video package on the Feast or Fired match is aired which goes over what is all found in the cases and the people or are competing in the match. We then see James Storm and Gunner backstage where Gunner apologizes for what happened last week. Storm says they have a chance to right all the wrongs by getting title shots during Feast or Fired. Gunner says they can also be fired, and Storm says as the saying goes, sorry about your damn luck.

The announce team hype the Feast or Fired match and the face to face meeting between Jeff Hardy and Magnus, which will take place after the commercial break.

Rockstar Spud is back in his car and has found Styles’ house. He parks three houses away and uses a flashlight to head there. Back in the Impact Zone, Dixie Carter makes his way to the ring and says earlier tonight Kurt Angle destroyed the Wheel of Dixie. She then says Angle will get what’s coming to him for destroying the wheel in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Bobby Roode. Dixie turns her attention to the tournament finals and says she will crown a new World Champion next week and wants to introduce the two competitors.

Magnus and Jeff Hardy make their way to the ring as Dixie tells them that either of them will make an excellent World Champion and gives them an opportunity for some final thoughts heading into Final Resolution. Hardy says last year he won the Bound for Glory Series and went on to win the World Championship. Hardy says in one week he will win the championship once again. Magnus says he is young but he is not stupid, blind, or deaf, and he knows the fans are on his side. Magnus thanks Hardy for what he has done in the business, but next week he is nothing more than the final obstacle at Final Resolution. Magnus says he has every intention in beating him next week before the two shake hands.

Dixie steps back in and says even though the Wheel of Dixie was destroyed, there was one last match on the Wheel and that is called Dixieland. We then see a video package on the match, which will begin in a steel cage with the only escape going over the top. Once they have gone out to the floor they can race up the ramp where a ladder is waiting and the title is sitting above it. Dixie then says whoever wins will travel the world with her on her private jet as well as her own VIP table, which is available to either of them tonight if they are interested.

We see the four Feast or Fired briefcases backstage as the announce team hype the match. Chris Sabin then runs into Velvet Sky and asks her if she has his back tonight during his X Division Championship match. She says she does as Sabin walks away.

More footage of Rockstar Spud is aired where we see him trying to sneak into Styles’ house. Spud breaks in and runs into a deer head and a guitar before stumbling upon a championship title bag. Spud grabs the title out of it as Styles walks down the stairs and says he knew he was coming, which is why the door was left unlocked. Styles says he is one step ahead of him and Dixie Carter and he could either call the police or call up some friends. Spud then leaves Styles with the title and runs out of the house as we head into a commercial break.

Mr. Anderson is backstage and says he had some laughs at the Aces & Eights funeral last week, but now it’s time to focus on getting back the TNA World Championship. Speaking of championships, it’s time to finally get into the second match of the night – an 78 minutes into the broadcast.

Match 2: Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin (X Division Championship)
Velvet Sky accompanies Sabin to the ring for this match. The bell sounds and Aries and Sabin go back and forth and try to one up each other in the opening moments. Aries finally connects with a sliding dropkick but Sabin hides behind Velvet before tripping Aries up on the apron. Sabin rolls Aries back into the ring where Aries hangs Sabin up on the ropes but misses with a missile dropkick. Sabin then takes Aries down and goes for a few pin attempts but Aries is able to kick out of all of them. Sabin the locks Aries in an abdominal stretch before hanging Aries up on the rope for another near fall.

Aries then blocks another suplex attempt and hangs Sabin on the top rope before knocking him down to the floor with a forearm. Aries then heads to the top rope and nails Sabin with a double axe handle before sending him back into the ring. Aries then connects with a missile dropkick but Sabin is able to counter his next move. Aries then counters a tornado DDT and connects with a corner dropkick. Sabin then grabs Velvet, which causes a distraction, however, Aries is able to counter Sabin’s attack and hits the brainbuster to pick up the pin fall to become the new X Division Champion.

Velvet Sky tries to comfort Sabin after the match as Aries celebrates his victory. The announce team then hype Feast or Fired, which is coming up next.

Footage of Chris Sabin confronting Austin Aries during the break is aired. Sabin can’t believe he put his hands on Velvet Sky to steal the championship away from him. Sabin says he has a rematch clause, but is going to enter in the Feast or Fired match to earn a shot at another title. Aries says he is going to do the same.

Magnus is backstage and says he is not concerned with Dixieland or going to have drinks with Dixie, he is just concerned with winning the TNA World Championship. Magnus then cuts the interview as he needs to take a phone call. A video package highlighting the finalists for the TNA World Championship Tournament is aired, as is the feud between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. The announce team then hypes the Final Resolution card, which will take place next week on Impact Wrestling.

Mr. Anderson comes out for the Feast or Fired match and does his trademark introduction, but he is attacked from behind by Bully Ray. Ray piledrives him on the stage as Ray begins to quote “In the Beginning” from Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil album. Ray says Anderson is going to have twins and Ray is going to be responsible for their future.

Match 3: Feast or Fired ()
Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Zema Ion, Norv Fernum, Dewey Barnes, Curry Man, James Storm, Gunner, Austin Aries, and Ethan Carter III are all competing in tonight’s Feast or Fired match. The bell rings and Curry Man leaves after giving it a second thought. The match quickly heads out to the floor, with Aries taking out four people and Hernandez taking out a bunch more. Fernum and Barnes also leap over the top rope and take out a couple guys before Joe takes the rest out as the ring is now completely empty. With the ring empty, EC3 heads to the corner and takes down case #3 as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the Feast or Fired match as the action has returned to the ring and Samoa Joe is going after everyone. Joe dominates for a few moments and clears the ring but is dumped out to the floor by Fernum and Barnes. They both go for case #2 but Ion knocks them out to the floor and grabs the case for himself. Case #1 and #4 remain as the action returns to the ring with Aries getting in on most of the action and takes several people down with dropkicks. Aries heads for case #4 but is pulled down by Fernum and Barnes. Aries then hangs them both up before hitting them both with a 450 splash.

Aries then heads for case #4 again, but Sabin pulls him down and out to the floor. Back in the ring, Joe is beating down Chavo but Chavo gets away and Hernandez hoists him to case #4 as he grabs the case. Case #1 is the only briefcase remaining as Hernandez uses his strength but Fernum and Barnes trap him on the turnbuckle as Gunner takes all three down with a powerbomb out of the corner. Storm then comes into the ring and connects with a Last Call on Joe and heads for the last case, but Gunner knocks Storm down. Gunner then steps over Storm’s body and grabs Case #1 to end the Feast or Fired match.

The cases will be opened next week with EC3, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero, and Gunner finding out if they have grabbed title shots or will be getting a pink slip. We then see Dixie Carter sitting at her VIP table and Jeff Hardy has come in to join her. Dixie thanks him for coming out as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Joseph Park & Eric Young defeated Bad Influence by pin fall.
– Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin by pin fall to become the new X Division Champion.
– Ethan Carter III, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero, and Gunner grabbed briefcases in a Feast or Fired match.

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