Sheamus Interview

Dec 11, 2013 - by staff

From has an interview up with Sheamus on his recovery from his injury he suffered back at the “Money in the bank PPV” in July. The Full interview can be read by clicking here

Some Highlights:

How the shoulder is doing:

It’s feeling pretty solid. I’m still a little while away from coming back, but it’s a whole lot better than what it was when I first had the surgery, trust me. When I woke up after surgery, I don’t think I ever experienced any kind of discomfort or pain like I did then. And, even though I’ve come a long way from that, I’m still going to rehab every day.

The Rehab Process:

They’ve taken good care of me. There have been times when I wanted to push the process and they’ve had to hold me back a bit, but it has been great. I have to say, it gets a little monotonous after a while, but I try to mix it up a bit to keep things interesting – Pilates, band work and some weights to keep strengthening both shoulders.

What he’s been up to:

I’ve really just been getting my head sorted, training in the gym and rehab. Rehab takes such a long time — it takes about three hours of the day. I’m also in the gym twice a day, doing cardio, and then again doing weights. All my focus is on getting myself in shape.

I’ve also done a lot of studying, a lot of reading. I’m a history buff, so I’ve been reading lots of books on Irish and American history.

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