Maria Kanellis interview, AJ Styles notes‏

Dec 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Maria Kanellis did an interview with the Law radio on Sunday night here She once again called the Bellas out for getting her and other divas blocked from the company because they didn’t want to share the spotlight. She also criticised Nikki for signing Cena’s degrading roommate contract on Total Divas which she says is 100% real and not an angle for the show.

Speaking of Maria, her new horror movie, Army of the Damned, co-starring Tommy Dreamer and Thea Trinidid, got good reviews from Bloody Disgusting a and Morbidly Amusing

Dave Meltzer talked about the AJ Styles situation in depth on Sunday night’s Wrestling Observer radio.

He said internally the Styles thing wasn’t a surprise, and that people should probably expect other high-profile names (Roode, Storm, Kazarian, Daniels) to leave soon too if they’re deals come up. Within TNA management there’s the mentality that they’re now the “$300 dollar a night promotion” and the aim now is to find the best, unknown indie talent who will work for as little as possible. While Styles and the other well known names weren’t making huge money, they were making more than that so TNA is eager to cut their salaries. Meltzer said Sting and Kurt, who both make great money, may be the only exceptions to the rule.

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