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Jeff Hardy’s TNA Status Spoiler Update

From PWInsider,com

We’ve been asked a lot by readers why Jeff Hardy was “written off” during the most recent Impact Wrestling tapings.

Hardy is not leaving the company and he was written off to explain his absence during the Impact episodes that will be taped overseas in 2014 as he cannot attend the tapings due to work visa issues.

So, it’s not a situation where Hardy was scripted to exit the company.

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  1. ironFNmaiden says:

    Why is he always unable to go out of the US?

  2. ironFNmaiden says:

    I know he is a convicted felon and all but does that prevent him from EVER getting to travel or is it simply so many years after the incident? I’m not up to par with Yankee laws :)

  3. Andrew Davis says:

    I believe the main issue is, he’s still on probation. Not sure if he is banned from entering certain countries for life, like R-Truth, he can’t travel to Canada, b/c he has a conviction. I believe Australia is another 1 that if you’ve ever been convicted of a drug charge, you’re not allowed to enter also. Drug convictions ban you from entering certain countries.

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