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12/9 Raw Audience Rebounds Huge

The 12/9 edition of Raw did 4,152,000 viewers, way up from last week’s 3,541,000. That is a good sign leading into Sunday’s PPV.

Another thing we learned this week is that a good show will keep people turned in. Last week, WWE was hurt by the Seattle Seahawks-New Orleans Saints game, which did 15,500,000 viewers even though it was a blowout. Last night’s decimation of the Dallas Cowboys by the Chicago Bears did 16,192,000 viewers. So Raw’s audience grew despite stiffer competition from the NFL. The bottom line is, if the show is good people will watch. If it’s not, some of them will tune out.

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  1. Deathedge says:

    “Another thing we learned this week is that a good show will keep people turned in.” Congrats, all you people who just learned this mysterious lesson get a cookie.

  2. kklaws says:

    Gee who thought people watched good tv. Hopefully wwe will keep up the trend.

  3. mchye says:

    People tuned in cause it was the slammys basically, but lets see what happens in the next few weeks.

  4. The ending was good and that was about it. The matches were okay but for the most part were pretty boring (as usual).

  5. Matt says:

    Who cares if if the rating fluctuates, RAW’s worst ratings are still good ratings. The worst case scenario of these so-called disasters just mean they make small little changes, but after all wrestling can’t change that much. Anyone who acts like it can/does is in denial.

  6. LOL says:

    The ending and the crowd saved that show.

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