Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Percy Pringle Memorial Cup Results

Dec 9, 2013 - by staff

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presented the Percy Pringle Memorial Cup today.

The Sutton Family (Ian & Jodie Sutton and Hoss Hogg) vs. The Family Stone (James Morgan, Othello, and Cedric the Hitman w/ Stu Stone)

The match starts with the Family Stone going right after the Suttons after calling themselves a real family. The Suttons throw out all members of Family Stone and dance in the ring. Hoss and Morgan are in the ring and Hoss with a body slam for a two count. Jodie makes the tag and hits a splash on Morgan in the corner. Morgan tags in Othello and he punches Jodie with a right hand. Othello pulls up Jodie and whips him into the ropes. Jodie head first in the corner and Othello with a series of strikes. Cedric tags himself in and goes after Jodie. Cedric throws Jodie into the boot of Morgan and tags in Morgan. Morgan with a reverse DDT gets a two count. Jodie tries to comeback but Cedric makes a tag in. Cedric goes after the left arm of Jodie. Morgan tags back in and connects a bulldog on Jodie. Morgan and Cedric seem to be tagging each other in and avoid tagging in Othello. Morgan attempts a suplex but Jodie blocks it and suplexes Morgan. Both men are down but Morgan grabs Jodie by the ankle. Cedric tags back in and works the left arm of Jodie. Cedric tags in Morgan as Othello is getting upset. Morgan with an arm bar on Jodie but Jodie grabs the rope. Jodie with a series of boots followed by a shoulder tackle off the middle rope sending Morgan to the mat. Both men are down and Morgan tags Cedric and Jodie tags in Ian. Cedric with a side slam. Cedric is still refusing to tag in Othello. Ian with a DVD but Othello tagged Cedric’s foot. Big boot by Othello followed by a heart punch. Othello covers Ian for the win.

Winners and advancing to the PP3 battle royal: The Family Stone!

The Revolution (Che Cabrera, Fidel Bravo, & Ali Hussein) vs. Angel Lopez, Pinky, & Hobo

Pinky and Fidel start off the match with a lock up. Pinky tosses Fidel to the ground. Hussein comes in the match. Pinky with a standing vertical suplex on Hussein. Back breaker from Pinky and Pinky heads to the outside. Hussein is place on the apron as Pinky attempts a 10 count. Bravo moves Hussein out of the way and finishes the count on him. Pinky pulls down Lopez and does the same thing. Pinky continues the trend by pulling Hobo to the apron. Finally, Pinky pulls down the referee but his partners stop him before he can attack the referee. Lopez is in the ring with Hussein and hits a suplex for a two count. Back breaker by Lopez and Fidel comes in to break up the count. Lopez is tagged by Hobo and Hobo makes his way in. Suplex by Hobo and covers Hussein for a two count. Shoulder blocks by Hobo with Hussein in the corner. Spine buster by Hobo for a two count. Hobo off the rope but is kneed in the back by Cabrera. Bravo tags in Cabrera who picks up Bravo and drops him with a leg drop on Hobo. Hard chops in the corner by Cabrera. Cabrera with a body slam. Bravo come back in and hits a power slam on Hobo. Bravo goes to the top rope and hits a senton but Hussein tagged Bravo so the pin does not count. Lopez with a lariat on Hussein and Pinky tags in. Pinky with a hard right punch sends Hussein to the ground. Powerbomb by Pinky and gets the three count.

Winners and advancing to the PP3 battle royal: Angel Lopez, Pinky, & Hobo!

After the match Bravo and Cabrera attack Hussein and leave him laid out.

Team CWFA (Tyson Tyler, Hammerstone, & R3) vs. Ryan Morals, Sgt. Major Alexander Paul, and Eli Everfly

Hammerstone with an overhead suplex to Major. Major with his own overhead suplex. Little guy tags in and hits a splash on Hammerstone. Kicks by Everfly but is pushed to the mat. Morals tags in and hits a back breaker into a two count. Major back in and hits a big boot to Hammerstone. Hammerstone with a suplex. Major with another suplex and Tyler tags in. Morals comes in and attacks Tyler in the corner. R3 comes in the match and stomps on Morals on the ground. Tyler comes back in and works the left arm of Morals. Hammerstone comes back in and kicks Morals in the head. Double arm suplex by Hammerstone and gets the two count. Spine buster by Morals and both he and Hammerstone are down. R3 and Majors are both tagged in. Everfly tags in and hits Warrior’s Way on Hammerstone. Code breaker is hit by Tyler to Everfly followed by suplex from R3 and Everfly is pinned.

Winners and advancing to the PP3 battle royal: Team CWFA!

Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime come to the ring and offer an open challenge to anyone. Out comes Dan Joseph and Jordan Brooks.

Yuma said that this was an open challenge but they need to know it is being held under Vermin rules.

RockNES Monsters vs. Dan Joseph and Jordan Brooks

Everyone is attacking each other in the ring. Yuma is in the ring with Joseph as Goodtime is outside the ring with Brooks. Yuma covers up Joseph with the ring apron and attack him with strikes. Yuma attacks Brooks with a water bottle. Goodtime with a head butt to Brooks. Brooks fights back and hits a shoulder breaker on Yuma. Brooks hits a splash on Goodtime in the corner. Knee drop by Brooks but only for a one count. Goodtime with a running knee to Brooks. Brooks goes to the outside of the ring and is hit with a diving Yuma. Goodtime throws Brooks under the stage and block it with the steel steps. This leaves Joseph in the ring alone with a Yuma and Goodtime. Joseph clotheslines both guys until Yuma hits a dropkick followed by a diving knee from the top rope from Goodtime for the win.

Winners: RockNES Monsters!

Yuma says the Vermin are not done yet. He calls out Ryan Taylor, Tito Escondido, and Nick Madrid so they can win the next match.

The Vermin (Ryan Taylor, Tito Escondido, & Nick Madrid) vs. Sergio Vega, Tyshaun Prince, & Papadon

Papadon and Taylor start off the match. Both men battle for the upper hand and exchange wrist locks. Taylor cannot get the upper hand on Papadon so he goes outside the ring and complains. Papadon with European uppercut. Series of arm drags from both men followed by pin attempts by Papadon. Prince is tagged in and scares Taylor to tag in Escondido. Tito attempts a series of clotheslines to take down Prince but finally Prince clotheslines Tito. Powerslam by Tito but the Vermin come in and attack Prince. Tito takes out the left knee of Prince and the Vermin work on the left knee. Prince is able to tag in Vega who hits a huricanrana on Tito followed by kicks in the corner. Tito with a hard kick to the head of Vega. Taylor is tagged in. Taylor stretches the legs of Vega. Madrid is tagged in and he elbows Vega. Madrid with shoulder blocks in the corner onto Vega. Taylor is back in and applies a cobra stretch. Madrid is back in but Vega fights back. Papadon is in and takes down the three opponents. Hard kicks form Papadon to Tito. Papadon with the diving back elbow to Tito. Vega back in and all three men hit Tito in the corner with corner moves. Bulldog by Vega to Tito. Madrid with a face pant but is hit with a neck breaker from Papadon. Madrid attempts a move off the rope but is hit with an European uppercut. Prince with a sit down power bomb on Taylor. Tito hits Prince with a super kick. Tito hits Vega with an F5 for the win.

Winners and advancing to the PP3 battle royal: The Vermin!

PPray (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas), Ricky Mandel (w/ Shelly Martinez) & Willie Mack vs. Rudy Telerana, Eric Cross, Todd Chandler, & Mikey O’Shea

This is called a wild card match as faces and heels are teaming up with each other. Cross and Mandel will start off the match. Both men hug it out and Mandel tags in Rosas. Cross says this is exactly who he wants. Arm drags by Rosas into an arm lock. Rosas working the left arm of Cross. Cross is hanging on to the ropes and is stalling. Mack tags in and cross tags in Rudy. The two faces are in the ring and decide to be competitive. Mack calls Cross a bitch. Rudy tries a cross body but Mack catches him. Powerbomb attempt by Mack but Rudy with a huricanrana. Rudy tags in O’Shea. Mack goes off the ropes but Mandel tags himself in. O’Shea tosses Mandel to the ground and Mandel tags in Rosas. They do a strength test and Mikey takes Rosas to the ground. Chandler tags in and Avalon tags in. Drop kick by Avalon for a two count. Suplex by Avalon and gets another two count. Running kick to the corner from Chandler to Avalon. Body slam by Chandler and goes for a pin but it’s a two count. Cross comes back in and hits a running boot to Avalon. Rudy tags in and suplexes Avalon into a two count. O’Shea tags in and chops Avalon in the corner. Hard back elbow from O’Shea send Avalon to the mat. Chandler is back in and drop kicks Avalon. O’Shea tags in again and is attacked by Rosas who made the tag in as well. Rosas off the ropes but Cross trips Rosas. O’Shea tags in Cross who hits him with a series of right punches. Chandler tags in and is exchanging punches with Rosas. Hard back elbow from Chandler and O’Shea is tagged in. Suplex by O’Shea to Rosas. Cross tags in and tries to steal the pin. Rosas fights back with a series of strikes. Hard lariat by Rosas and both men are down. Mack is tagged in and hits a series of attacks to Cross. Rudy is in but Mandel hits a big boot. All eight men are in and hit moves on each other. Rosas with a code breaker on O’Shea. Chandler with a cutter on Rosas for a two count. Mack hits a powerbomb on Chandler but Mandel throws Mack out of the ring and steals the pin.

Winners and advancing to the PP3 battle royal: PPray, Ricky Mandel, & Willie Mack!

MAVTV Champion Joey Ryan vs. Leo Blaze w/ Stu Stone

Blaze attacks Ryan to start the match. Ryan fights back and hits a standing drop kick. Arm drag by Ryan into an arm lock. Running swinging neck breaker by Blaze for a two count. Blaze with a chin lock on Ryan but Ryan tries to fight back. Blaze with a body slam followed by a standing moonsault. Big boot by Ryan followed by a clothesline. Spine buster by Ryan. Super kick attempt by Ryan but Blaze rolls to the outside. Ryan with a running dive through the middle rope connects with Blaze. Back in the ring Ryan hits a flying cross body from the top rope. Blaze is sit on the top turnbuckle and Ryan goes up but is hit with a huricanrana from Blaze. Overhead suplex by Blaze for a two count. Super kick by Ryan but Blaze recovers and hits a driver for a two count. Ryan gets Blaze on the top rope and hits the Mustache Ride for the three count.

Winner and still MAVTV Champion: Joey Ryan!

Hollywood Heritage Champion Scorpio Sky w/ Christian Cole vs. Big Duke in a Last Man Standing match

Sky attacks Duke from behind. Duke stomps Sky in the corner. Series of shoulder blocks in the corner by Duke and then throws Sky outside the ring. Duke goes after Sky but Sky with a kick to the midsection. Duke drops Sky face first on the ring apron. Sky bites Dukes ear but Duke slams Sky into one of the steel steps. Cole goes after Duke but Duke slams Cole head first into the apron. Sky throws Duke back into the ring. Sky takes off his shirt and begins to choke Duke with it. Big boot by Duke sends Sky down to the mat. Sky mounts Duke with a series of punches. The referee begins the 10 count but only reaches to five. Back breaker by Sky. Sky grabs some TV cables and begins to choke Duke. Sky begins to tie Duke to the corner post with the TV cable. The referee begins to count Duke but only reaches seven. Duke tries to fight back but Sky whips him into the corner. Sky attempts a splash but is kicked in the midsection followed by a neck breaker. Duke picks up Sky into a fall away slam. Sky rolls to the outside and is count to six. Duke attempts a running power bomb but Sky slips out and connects with a running knee to Duke’s head. Spear by Sky sends Duke down. Sky goes to the top rope but Duke falls onto the rope crotching Sky. Dukes drops Sky face first into the middle turnbuckle. Duke pulls down his knee pad and hits a running knee to Sky’s face. The referee counts to nine but Cole pulls the referee out of the ring before the 10 count. Cole and Sky double team Duke and Duke is laid out. The referee counts to eight but Duke gets up. Sky with a fireman’s carry into a neck breaker onto Duke. Duke is back to his feet at the nine count. Sky missises the bicycle kick and Duke counters with a side slam on Sky. Sky is back up at nine. Duke and Sky exchange strikes. Sky with a knee to Dukes face but Duke comes back with a spine buster. Sky applies a triangle choke on Duke. Duke picks up Sky but Sky punches Duke back to the ground. Sky lets go and as Duke passes out. The referee counts to 10 and the match is over.

Winner and still Hollywood Heritage Champion: Scorpio Sky!

PP3 Memorial Cup battle royal (Ray Rosas, Peter Avalon, R3, Willie Mack, Angel Lopez, Cedric, Othello, Hammerstone, Pinky, James Morgan, Hobo, Ricky Mandel, Tito Escondido, Johnny Goodtime, Johnny Yuma, Nick Madrid, and Ryan Taylor)

Bell rings and everyone goes at it. R3 is the first to be eliminated followed by a hard clothesline by Othello.

R3 is eliminated.

Lopez tries to go after Othello but Othello tosses out Lopez.

Angel Lopez is eliminated.

Rosas almost eliminates Morgan but Stu Stone holds Morgan from falling to the mat. Mack goes after Othello and this him with some hard chops. Everyone goes after Othello and that includes fellow Family Stone members Morgan and Cedric and Othello is eliminated.

Othello is eliminated.

Rosas begins hitting Stunners all over the place. Yuma tosses out Rosas but Rosas hangs on. Avalon with a stunner to Yuma. Avalon is tossed out by Goodtime but Rosas tosses out Goodtime.

Peter Avalon and Johnny Goodtime are eliminated.

Yuma tires to throw out Rosas but Yuma tosses him out. Taylor comes from behind Rosas and tosses Rosas to the floor.

Johnny Yuma and Ray Rosas is eliminated.

Cedric with a series of hard chops to Hammerstone. Nick Madrid was eliminated from somewhere.

Nick Madrid is eliminated.

Hard chop from Mack to Cedric. Mack teases another chop but instead twists Cedric’s nipples. Tito attempts to splash Mack but Mack backdrops him out of the ring.

Tito Escondido is eliminated.

Cedric tries to clothesline Hobo but Hobo ducks sending Cedric out of the ring.

Cedric is eliminated.

Morgan tosses Hobo out of the ring.

Hobo is eliminated.

Pinky is hanging to the rope on the outside apron but Mandel connects with a dropkick eliminating Pinky.

Pinky is eliminated.

Hammerstone, Mack, Taylor, Mandel, and Morgan remain in the match. Hammerstone tries to toss Mack but Mack with a lariat sends Hammerstone over the top rope onto the floor.

Hammerstone is eliminated.

Four men now remain and we have a stare down. The Vermin run in and attack everyone except for Taylor. Mack and Morgan are both thrown over the top but hang on. The CWFH locker room comes out and attack the Vermin. Mandel is missing from the match. Taylor is left with Mack and Morgan. Mack is on the outside apron and Taylor goes off the rope but Stu Stone pulls down the rope sending Taylor out of the ring.

Ryan Taylor is eliminated.

Morgan and Mack are the last two men. Both men exchange elbows. Morgan with cross body but Mack catches him and applies a sit down powerbomb. Mack lifts up Morgan and tries to toss him but Morgan slips out and tosses Mack to the floor.

Willie Mack is eliminated.

Mandel comes back from out of nowhere and clotheslines Morgan out of the ring.

James Morgan is eliminated.

Winner of the 2013 PP3 Memorial Cup: Ricky Mandel!

Ricky Mandel stands in the ring with Shelly Martinez as he lifts up the PP3 Cup. Dave Marquez comes in to interview Mandel. Mandel says he will cash in on his own time.

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