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– The DVD for WWE Studios’ film Christmas Bounty includes a trailer for the upcoming WWE/Scooby Doo flick.

– CM Punk posted this on his twitter…

It’s a pretty funny dig at WWE’s app obsession.

– WWE will run a house show at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas on 2/16. Tickets go on sale Friday at Noon. John Cena, Albeto Del Rio, Wyatts and Daniel Bryan are advertised.

– WWE announced a 3/2 house show in Moline.

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  1. Opinator says:

    I have been watching pro-wrestling in America for … way too long! It really is a clown-circus, especially when it comes to promotions like WWE and even TNA!
    ROH still tries to be decent pro-wrestling!

    I really honestly do NOT believe that WWE has become such an iconic institution of American pop-culture, like over 90% of its fan-base are convinced it is so.

    I think that some-time in the predictible WWE will amount and accumulate various problems and troubles – which will really catch up with them.
    The only thing that might be left of value would be the very extensive video-library they accumulated throughout the decades. … Otherwise, I believe things will severely be shaken for this so-called honorable company.
    I think that the McMahon s unstoppable appetite for constantly producing promiscuous TV entertainment will not end well for them.

    I only hope the video-library survives not-deteriorated and undivided, … as a testament of the hard-work of many of their employees, on and off screen. The company might fade away in time. I just do not see it living forever as it has for the past two/three decades. All such immoral entertainment does not survive on the long term!
    Pretty much, same for TNA!

    If pro-wrestling in USA, CAN, MEX and Japan does not revert to pure athletic sports – side and abandon circus/carnival-like “entertainment” … it might not survive the test of time! … will remain just history.
    Just an opinion! Thanks,

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