Wrestling Cares Return to Culver City, Ca. Saturday, Full Lineup!

Dec 6, 2013 - by staff

Wrestling Cares returns to Culver City, CA at the promotion’s Race to the Ring semi-finals:

Adam Cole/Pepper Parks https://vimeo.com/76089490

Kyle Matthews/Steve Anthony https://vimeo.com/76096020

Johnny Gargano/Adam Pearce https://vimeo.com/76125762

Katarina Leigh/Taeler Hendrix https://vimeo.com/76092320

Timothy Thatcher/Drew Gulak https://vimeo.com/76121069

The lineup for tomorrow’s event at The American Legion Post #46 featuring:

*Johnny Gargano vs. Papadon

*Adam Cole vs. Steve Anthony.

Also scheduled for the show:

*The Ballard Twins vs. Timothy Thatcher & Oliver John vs. Scorpio Sky & Ryan Taylor vs. The Forever Hooliganz.

*WCA Ladies Beat the Champion Katarina Leigh vs. Tracy Taylor.

For complete details, visit www.wrestlingcares.com.

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