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What Stephanie McMahon’s Promotion Means to Creative

In response to a query on where the WWE Creative team now fits with all the changes to WWE Corporate that were announced yesterday, WWE issued the following response:

“Creative Writing now reports to Paul Levesque, EVP Talent and Live Events.

In addition to Stephanie McMahon’s expanded responsibilities as Chief Brand Officer, she will continue to maintain a presence on TV.”

So, Triple H is now directly in charge of the WWE Creative team, although Vince McMahon remains the final say in every aspect of that part of the company.

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3 Responses

  1. That has to be extremely frustrating to be “in charge” of something but have someone else be able to say, “Nope, I don’t like that, change it!”

  2. LOL says:

    If Trips and Steph ever divorce how long will it take for WWE to kick Paul out on his ass?

  3. Vegeta says:

    you know @LOL,i’ve wondered that very same thing since they got married yrs ago,i think it would be funny if they did get divorced,he shows up in TNA as the new owner & ratings get better for tna big time

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