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Tammy Sytch on being compared to today’s divas

Sytch via Facebook:

Ya know, it aggravates me when assholes try to break me down and compare me to the divas that are on tv today…. Seriously??? I’m gonna be 41 in SATURDAY!!!!! It’s much easier to stay in shape when you’re 22 and didn’t just have a f##king hysterectomy that cuts your gd stomach muscles apart!!!! What the f##k do you want from my life??? Sure, there are hotter girls on tv now…. But NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE could touch me in the looks/personality/talent/charisma department in the 90’s….. No one. ( ok, I think that explosion has to be a status…. And it felt soooo good!). Call me a cocky bitch, but f##k it. Love me, hate me…. It’s who I am…. And no one’s opinion is gonna change that!! Ok… Done ranting… Shower time…. Busted my ass in the gym today… What did you haters do? Play video games??

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  1. Mimura says:

    while I would admit she was hot in when she was in WWF (It went downhill after that), I will still strongly disagree with her on that statement. Charisma? What charisma? Talent? WHAT TALENT?! At being hot? Cuz she sure as f*** couldn’t wrestle, act, or do anything else. And her personality stunk on top of that. Plus I can think of a bunch of other divas/knockouts/whatever that are way more hot, but that sort of thing is a matter of opinion, even tho I’m sure some will agree with me.

  2. Scott II says:

    Put Sunny of 1996 in today’s WWE, and she’d fit right in with most of the Divas. Little to no talent, looks, and that’s about it.

  3. cas says:

    I’d still hit it!

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