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Raw viewership way down

Raw fell to 3.53 million viewers on Monday night, which would be among the lowest totals for the show of the past 15 years.

8 p.m. 3.62 million

9 p.m. 3.56 million

10 p.m. 3.45 million


We should have a final rating number later today

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  1. Meme says:

    It was NOT a great year for WWE, nor for TNA!
    Both BIG companies were suffocated by the entertainment / story-line side of the product, rather than good clean wrestling … Neither ROH excelled in wrestling display and innovation!

    Looks like there is a slump in the business of pro wrestling. Its the same old stuff recycled constantly and permanently!
    … The circus/carnival/entertainment side of it is suffocating the actual SPORT of pro-wrestling!

  2. Mr Hoo-ha says:

    What actual sport? It’s a acted pretend way of fighting. There’s nothing sporting about it.

    If you want to watch something sporting and not see stories, you shouldn’t be watching professional wrestling, you need to be watching amateur wrestling.

    Regardless of whether it’s major developed ones in WWE or basic ones based on pride in ROH or NJPW, pro wrestling without focusing on storylines is not pro wrestling. It’s an integral part of what makes it’s sports entertainment and not a sport.

    If you don’t want that, why are you even watching pro wrestling? You can’t consider the “figthing” you see in any of the company’s sporting wrestling, especially when just about everybody at least has one if not more moves that would never work on a wrestling mat without the other person knowing what’s coming to act on it.

    Maybe once in the blue moon you get some one like a Kurt Angle who probably could give you good sporting wrestling but it’s not like most of his arsenal is more geared to what separates pro wrestling from amateur wrestling.

  3. Stunning Steve says:

    Perhaps burying Daniel Bryan and replacing him with Cena in the feud wasn’t such a good idea. I know I didn’t tune in the last two weeks.

  4. T says:

    1.) HHH on TV
    2.) Burying Bryan
    3.) Burying Ziggler
    4.) Randy Orton
    5.) No compelling storylines

  5. Mattyman says:

    I find it to be a lot of things. Number one, creating this churn and burn cycle from years back has finally caught up with them and killed TBA. The need for year long story lines culminating in that particular entertainer’s PPV might be a start. Second, believe your own press. If people wanted Hero, promote him and put him out there. Third, if you are going to recycle a gimmick, do it right and finish it differently. Hear me, Dixie? Wrestling is like playing the drums. There’s only so many beats and hundreds of ways to play them.

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