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WWE 2013 Slammy Award Catagories Announced


The 2013 Slammy Awards will air LIVE on the Dec. 9 edition of Raw at 8/7 CT on USA Network. You will determine the winner of each Slammy inside the WWE App!


  • Superstar of the Year
  • Extreme Moment of the Year
  • Insult of the Year
  • Double-Cross of the Year
  • This is Awesome! Moment of the Year
  • “Total Diva” of the Year
  • LOL! Moment of the Year
  • Match of the Year

Who do you think should be nominated for a 2013 Slammy Award? Sound off now using the hashtag #Slammy.

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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Here’s who I think should win it this year

    Superstar of the Year-Daniel Bryan (but Randy Orton or John Cena will probably win, for storyline purposes)

    Extreme Moment of the Year-Triple H busting Brock Lesnar open on Raw back in March?? or Big Show choke-slamming Randy Orton through the table on Raw in November

    Insult of the Year-Everything Triple H said to Edge when he made his appearance on Raw in September

    Double cross of the Year-Triple H and Randy Orton costing Daniel Bryan the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2013

    This is Awesome! Moment of the Year-The Rock wins the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble 2013

    Total Diva of the Year-Natalya

    Lol! Moment of the Year-Antonio Cesaro big swing on The Great Khali at Battleground 2013

    Match of the Year-CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar (SummerSlam 2013), The Undertaker Vs CM Punk (WrestleMania 29), Triple H Vs Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 29) CM Punk Vs John Cena (Raw in February?) or Rob Van Dam Vs Chris Jericho (Raw in July??)

    Those are my predictions

  2. Matt says:

    oh one more for match of the year-The Shield Vs Team Hell No and The Undertaker (Raw in April 2013?)

  3. LOL says:

    Too many categories…UNIFY those Slammies into one Unified Slammy WWE!

  4. havok says:

    •Superstar of the Year – Should be Bryan but it will probably be cena or orton
    •Extreme Moment of the Year – Punk’s attempt at a diving elbow on taker through the announce table at wm29
    •Insult of the Year – Triple h basically crapping all over edge, even though edge has always been 10x better
    •Double-Cross of the Year – the ending to summerslam or when heyman turned on punk at MITB
    •This is Awesome! Moment of the Year – RVD coming back
    •“Total Diva” of the Year – Natalya
    •LOL! Moment of the Year – Jersey crowd at Raw after wm29
    •Match of the Year – Brock Lesnar v CM Punk

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