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Dwayne Johnson on the passing of Paul Walker

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  1. Meh says:

    So what way do you think they were go with Walker’s character? Killed off or a new look (e.g. the character gets plastic surgey off-screen) for the character with a new actor.

    Killed off:
    Colonel Sam Trautman from the Rambo series died off screen in the fourth movie because Sylvester Stallone felt it wouldn’t feel right replacing the late Richard Crenna. As he himself put it: “Trautman died the day my friend Richard died.”

    On Family Guy, Peter’s mother Thelma died following the death of Phyllis Diller.

    New actor:

    The directors had wanted to change the appearance of The Oracle for the third Matrix movie; but her existing actress, Gloria Foster, was so well-liked by cast and crew they were going to nix that particular change. Then she passed away, so they had to go with it anyway as a Hand Wave to cast Mary Alice in the role.

    James Bond’s boss M is absent from For Your Eyes Only as Bernard Lee died before he could film any scenes. The script was re-written so that the character is said to be on leave, with his lines given to either his Chief of Staff Bill Tanner or the Minister of Defence, Sir Fredrick Gray. Then a new M appears in Octopussy.

  2. Y_Set says:

    I think he’s going to be incorporated to be part of the story where Jason Statham’s character kills Dom’s crew. They could make it so that not only Han, but O’Connor also killed by him.

  3. Steven says:

    what does this have to do with wrestling…NOTHING

  4. LOL says:

    Good of Rock…THIS JUST IN… related Rock news he paid for Maven’s meals and rental cars back in the day!

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