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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that David Benoit, the son of Chris, now 20, wants to become a professional wrestler. He’s about 6-2 ½ and would like to wrestle with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Both he, through an intermediary, and Cody Hall, Scott’s son, have had people check if they could join the New Japan dojo.

David Benoit’s ultimate goal is WWE.

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  1. gw says:

    If they did sign him to WWE, they would give him a different gimmick come NXT, and NEVER mention him being the son of Chris Benoit.

  2. Agent Cooper says:

    Considering they’ve done their best to erase Chris Benoit from history, they’re not going anywhere near his son. Just changing his name wouldn’t be enough for them, considering most of the fans and the media would know who he really was. It sucks to have that kind of legacy from your father destroy your career, but it is what it is.

  3. LOL says:

    Go for it kid rise above and all that stuff!

  4. Gazz says:

    Agent Cooper is 100% right, knowing what they’ve done to erase Chris from the company’s history, WWE wouldn’t go near David for fear of any media backlash.

    When the first pictures of David hanging with Harry Smith and Chris Jericho came to light, I do remember thinking to myself that if he (David) wanted to become a wrestler then his best chances at acheiving stardom would be Japan, or at the most a very small US or Canadian indy promotion because I can’t see how WWE, TNA and/or ROH at a push could put him on their active rosters (and ultimately TV shows) without references to Chris being put out there.

  5. chris c. says:

    give the kid a shot!

  6. Y_Set says:

    Wow. He will definitely facing very very tough obstacle, especially with the stigma of a killer’s son. I don’t think WWE will accept him for obvious reason, so maybe TNA is his best option.

  7. Zafx says:

    Honestly it could be a PR gold mine. Define him as his own person and how he has over come a terrible past to do great things.

  8. Agent Cooper says:


    The WWE doesn’t even mention that past. They pretend it doesn’t exist. So that dream gimmick is just that: a dream. Chris Benoit is forever the most off-limits subject within the company. They’re not going to do anything to make that subject come up again.

  9. Really? says:

    It hasn’t hurt Tamina Snuka any. I definitely think he’d had an extremely hard time getting into WWE, but I don’t see why TNA would mind, as long as he wrestled under a different name. Yeah, who he is would come out, but what would actually be the problem? This kid didn’t do anything wrong. The name reminds people of something terrible, so just don’t use the name.

  10. Zafx says:

    @Agent Cooper
    Dont get me wrong, I agree with you.
    Just saying it could be a great way to rock the boat yet still come out looking good, if done right.

  11. Aster says:

    If he comes to the WWE, they’re probably going to give him a generic name like John Turner or something lol

  12. Fisha695 says:

    @Really, yeah but Jimmy Snuka murdering that lady didn’t really get the same kind of National & International press as the Benoit thing did.

  13. Kerry Standifur says:

    Pegasus Kid Jr.

    Wait… Jimmy Snuka murdered some woman? When did that happen?

  14. DBRude says:

    Jimmy Snuka killed somebody?!

    Back on topic… I’d be surprised if WWE took a chance on him. Then again, I didn’t even know Benoit had a living son.

  15. Agent Cooper says:

    Snuka was never arrested in his girlfriend’s death, let alone convicted. Benoit unequivocally murdered his wife and son. There’s no question about it. Kind of a big difference.

  16. Scott II says:

    Yeah. In 1983, he supposedly killed his girlfriend, but charges were never filed (though he did get sued by his girlfriend’s family a couple years later).

    As for David, I hope he makes it to the WWE if he has the talents, but it will be one tough road, especially since he is the son of someone who is “not to be mentioned”.

  17. Justsayin says:


    Yeah, but I remember distinctly during the Benoit trial, that…

    Oh, right. He was never convicted either. Yes, he almost assuredly killed them, but it’s not as if we’ll ever know for sure what happened. His former tag team partner was murdered up in Canada the day before. “unequivocally” is a bit of a strong word for a slap-dash one hour investigation where the most quick and convenient conclusion was reached like that. Not saying he was innocent, 99.5% sure he was guilty…sort of like Snuka.

    Regardless, his son David didn’t even live with the guy, and shouldn’t be punished for it.

  18. Agent Cooper says:

    Of course David shouldn’t be punished for it. In a perfect world. But this is the WWE we’re talking about. So in the real world, they’re not going anywhere near him. The sad thing is that it’s not even the murders that the WWE is most afraid of. It’s the fact that Benoit’s psychosis may have been directly related to the head injuries he suffered while working for the WWE that terrifies them.

  19. Adam says:

    I’m sick and tired of Benoit being trashed. He more than likely did those terrible things, but he was I’ll after all. His brain was mush after years of punishment from ENTERTAINING all of you that trash him. The WWE sucks for burying his legacy. End rant…on another note, best of luck to his son. To bad the business will condemn him before he ever gets a shot.

  20. Adam says:

    And Cooper…you’re spot on!

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