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Cena says Hogan is too old to wrestle


John Cena
I Love Hulk Hogan
But He’s Too Old to Wrestle

Hulk Hogan better not get in the ring at WrestleMania XXX next year if he knows what’s good for him … because at the ripe old age of 60, Hulk could get SERIOUSLY hurt or worse … John Cena tells TMZ.

As we reported, Hulk says he hopes to attend ‘Mania next year with his wife, but doesn’t plan to wrestle — despite rumors to the contrary — and Cena says that’s a smart move.

Cena tells us, he’s been a Hulkamaniac since the very beginning … but at this point, Hulk’s just too old to roll with the big dogs. Check the clip.

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9 Responses

  1. gw says:

    This might be the start of some type of storyline between the two.

  2. kklaws says:

    Lets hope not cena vs hogan would be a terrible terrible match. All he needs to do a wm xxx is show up say his brothers grab his cash and go.

  3. LOL says:

    Cena didn’t exactly say that in the clip he said it would be a dream come true to face Hogan but he wouldn’t want to put him “in a situation to do something that he is not physically capable of”…….brother I smell a challenge BROTHER!

  4. cesar says:

    yea cena vs hogan world undisputed wwe title match for wm xxx :) we all want it, right? :)

  5. Aster says:

    Cena is right, Hogan is old! His hips, back, and knee aren’t what they used to be, Hogan is just a glory hound, it’s time for him to prioritize on other things in his life, like um his health and family maybe?

  6. HHHsShovel says:

    This is HHH chance.

    Get em Hunter Bury them All!

  7. Ronald B says:

    Cena vs Hogan, winner is the true face of WWE

  8. xyu says:

    Wow, no way I will pay to see this abortion of a match.

  9. T says:

    Future WM main events: Hogan vs Cena. Hogan vs Cena 2

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