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More Impact SPOILERS: title change, more notes


Notes on Saturday Night’s TNA tapings from Orlando. It’s not clear when this stuff will air but it’s expected to be either on 12/5 or 12/12.

The Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus world title tournament finals were not taped.

A segment was taped where Daniels & Kazarian came out to reveal the truth about Joseph Park. Park asks them not to and that they’ve won the battle. There was a video of them in Chicago where it comes out that Park, Park and Park, the law firm, closed down 13 years ago and that he is not an attorney. They beat up Park and Eric Young made the save. This set up a match later.

In a tag title match, Robbie E & Jessie Godderz b James Storm & Gunner via DQ. More problems with Storm and Gunner as Storm had the match won when Gunner got DQ’d. Zema Ion is a new member and corner man of the Bro Mans.

Ethan Carter III b Earl Hebner. Brian Hebner was ordered to referee and Carter told Earl to just lay down and be pinned and told Brian to count the pin.

Austin Aries b Chris Sabin clean to win the X title

Gail Kim & Le’d Tapa were beating down ODB when Madison Rayne, as a babyface, returned to make the save.

Park & Young b Daniels & Kazarian. Park was bleeding and pinned Kazarian with the black hole slam. Young admitted after the match that Park and Abyss were the same person.

Ethan Carter III was to face Jeremy Borash. Sting came out and talked about how Carter has been avoiding any real opponents and told Carter he would either have to face him or go into Feast or Famine. Carter backed down and agreed to go into Fest or Famine.

Feast or Famine had four briefcases, one with a world title contract, one with a tag title contract, one with an X title contract and one with a pink slip.

Guys in were Storm, Gunner, Aries, Samoa Joe, Carter III, Sabin, Curry Man, Norv Fernam, Dewey Barnes, Ion, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Hernandez. Winning briefcases were Carter, Iion, Chavo and Gunner.

The reveal of what was in the briefcases will likely be at the next set of tapings.

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  1. Y_Set says:

    Feast or Fired return with a new name ?? Sheesh.

  2. jeriholic says:

    I usually don’t read spoilers but figured the the X-division championship would change hands by the title, so thought I’d take a peek. Good to hear “A Double” won.

    Still don’t understand what TNA think they’re going to accomplish, by taping “Impact” out of sequence(other then confusing the people who are in attendance). It’s not like people won’t put two and two together, and post the full results.

  3. Matt says:

    Why rename it? If it’s the same concept why bother with a name that makes less sense. There was nothing wrong with Feast or Fired. Is this just a bad typo?

  4. Mumbai Kitchen says:

    “Young admitted after the match that Park and Abyss were the same person.” Which everyone knows anyway due to the internet.

  5. havok says:

    everyone knew that before they got on the internet

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