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GERWECK.NET Trivia‏ returns

Thanks for all the entries from last week, we begin as ever with a review of last week’s question.

Q) Who was the first man this year to wrestle on 3 WWE television shows in the same week?

A) Sheamus, who competed on Raw, Smackdown and Main Event on the week beginning January 7th.

Congratulations to those who answered correctly, the early leader with the first correct answer is MC Live. I also realized I forgot to re-post the
rules for the start of this round, new players can find them at this link.

Now onto this week’s question…


This Sunday is the birthday of former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix. Beth won 4 Womens/Divas Championships during her WWE tenure, but can you tell me at what event (excluding house shows) she received her first shot at the title?

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4 Responses

  1. Vivian says:

    I would say Summerslam 2007

  2. DB says:

    No Mercy 2007

  3. MC Live says:

    Her first title shot was at Unforgiven 2007 against Candice Michelle.

  4. Andrew Davis says:

    What the hell? Where the hell is my answer? It got posted, I know it did, b/c I saw it. No Mercy 2007!

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