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Video: Every Tombstone Ever!

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  1. This must have taken ages to put together.

  2. Roscoe Jones says:

    I counted 281. I know I’m off by a few, too, it was really difficult to keep up at times.

  3. Andrew Davis says:

    Fraudulant headline! That is by far NOT EVERY Tombstone ever. Want proof Taker did THREE tombstones in the SSlam ’94 match against the Underfaker, yet this only shows 1. How about Owen Hart’s tombstone that broke Stone Cold’s neck? How about all the thousands of tombstones Kane has done? Or all the tombstones Taker has ever done at house shows? Didn’t HHH do a tombstone on Taker at WM? You are telling me not a single person on the indys has ever done a tombstone EVER? Yeah this clearly is NOT EVERY TOMBSTONE EVER!

  4. Roscoe Jones says:

    Yo Drew, ever think about eating a huge bag of Lexington steel dicks??

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